Ensuring That The Holy Quran Spreads To All Muslims Around The World

Insist Every Muslim Brother To Have A Quran

As the Federation of Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF), one of our main services is to provide the Holy Quran to our Muslim brothers for Islamic education. You can also contribute to this educational project, the blessings of which we will feel as we read it.

As Muslims, we encircle our brothers in sacred trust so that the ultimate book, the Holy Quran, to which we are completely devoted, can reach every corner of Islamic geography and be read at all times. Our work focuses on ensuring that our Muslim brothers in the most remote parts of the world have access to the Holy Quran.

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We deliver the Holy Quran to our brothers and sisters in order for the holy book to be recited, read, and understood more easily, as well as to be with our students who are more familiar with the Quran in order for them to complete their memorization, especially during Ramadan.


Muslims face a variety of challenges, particularly on the African continent, which is home to the poorest countries in Islamic geography. One of these countries does not have access to the Quran. Together with the children receiving Islamic education in the country, we can face the challenge of learning by using wooden board called Luh, on which they write the verses of the Holy Quran. We use the Holy Quran to help them reinforce the verses that have been a tradition in Africa from ancient times to the present, and we can deliver Quran to thousands of Hafiz students. We can share their joy at receiving the Quran and possibly introduce them to the Holy Quran for the first time.

Her Müslüman kardeşinin Kur’an-ı olsun

While the Muslim African people place a high value on education in madrasahs and mosques, we are working to ensure that every Muslim brother obtains the Holy Quran. One of the most important services we provide as IDDEF is ensuring that the Holy Quran spreads to all continents and reaches Muslims.

Her Müslüman kardeşinin Kur’an-ı olsun

You might not be able to open a madrasah or teach students. However, if you want to help our students, you can give them a Quran. As a result, with a little support, you can achieve a great reward.

Donations can be made online through this page, by "EFT or money transfer" to the appropriate account numbers, or by calling "+90 212 621 00 65" for more information.

Note: We deliver pictures and videos along with banners that list the names of our contributors who have given us at least 100 copies of the Holy Quran. We ask that any donors who wish to make a donation to such a charity contact our call centre at "+90 212 621 00 65" after making a donation through this page.

Her Müslüman kardeşinin Kur’an-ı olsun 

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Ensuring That The Holy Quran Spreads To All Muslims Around The World

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