Oppressed Faces Warmed Up With Kindness In Cold

Oppressed Faces Warmed Up With Kindness In  Cold
As IDDEF, we never leave our brothers and sisters alone. we provide winter aid for our brothers and sisters in Idlib, Yemen, Afghanistan and Gaza with the theme of 'Keep a Warm Heart'. You may also help those in need to keep them warm with kindness and to prevent the winter cold from the difficulties that they encountered.

As IDDEF, every year we deliver the support from our donors by fulfilling the needs of aggrieved brothers all over the world within the scope of 2021-2022 winter season. By helping the difficult lives of our brothers and sisters, we will make them smile by providing basic necessities from the winter season such as food packages, blankets, clothes and fuel. At Idlib, with warm hearts of ten thousands Syrian families who are struggling to survive under the harsh winter conditions in tent camps that we built. We carry out humanitarian aids, in Yemen and Afghanistan, which are facing starvation, in Gaza, including poverty crises under the blockade, in Arsal, Lebanon. Do not stay silent from the crying help of the oppressed families who are in need helplessly from the sheltered camps of the winter frost.

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Trouble in Idlib Turns into Wailing in Winter

We are trying to stand by our brothers and sisters affected by the Syrian war, which has entered its 11th year, with all our strength since the first day. Our brothers and sisters, who live in 620 briquette houses, tents and makeshift barracks that we have built in Idlib for Syrian families who have been living under difficult conditions for years, fleeing the civil war in Syria and sheltering on the Turkish border, need more help in winter. In this context, as always, we increase the relief efforts during the winter months and try to relieve the pain of the war to some extent. While the pain of the war, which has made 7 million Syrians refugees and 13 million civilians in need of help, increases in winter, the cry for help of oppressed families turns into a tragedy in cold winter days.

The Crisis Never Ends in Yemen

While we continue our emergency aid efforts in Yemen, where the world's biggest humanitarian crisis has been experienced with the civil war, we stand by our brothers and sisters in Yemen with your support. In this context, we provide food aid consisting of rice, oil, flour and sugar, meat and blankets in the regions where those who migrated due to the war took shelter.

In Yemen, where misery and poverty are at an extreme, 20 thousand people lost their lives due to the civil war, 17 million Yemenis cannot reach safe food, and 2 million children are exposed to severe malnutrition. Our Yemeni brothers are currently preparing for harsh winter conditions. Let’s keep our heart warm to them. Support and help us to fulfill their needs!


Our Palestinian Brothers Can't Breathe a Sigh

The humanitarian aid efforts we carry out all year in Gaza, where the poverty crisis is growing day by day, and where there are major attacks during Ramadan, are more important in the winter months. While the crisis of water, food, poverty and unemployment, especially health, is growing day by day, the winter aid we will provide for our Palestinian brothers gives them a breath.

With your support, we are helping our brothers in need of food to smile by being by their side in their difficult days.


The Need for Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan Increases Every Day

In Afghanistan, which has been devastated for many years, there is now a hunger crisis. Afghan people, who have become even poorer due to a deep economic crisis in the ancient land of Islam, are waiting for help from all over the world. In the country with a population of 40 million, approximately 18 million needy people are trying to reach safe food. While our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, who are in great economic trouble, struggle with poverty and poverty, some of the families who have difficulty in finding food for their children are struggling to survive in aid camps. While the majority of families in need cannot find daily food to feed their children, children are hospitalized due to malnutrition. While the living conditions are getting worse in Afghanistan, a great human tragedy is experienced in the war-torn country.


Nylon Tents Hardly Withstand the Winter in Arsal

We do not forget our Syrian refugee brothers who fled the war in Syria and took refuge in Lebanon. In this context, with your support, we deliver winter aid consisting of food, blankets, beds and fuel to approximately 70,000 Syrian families struggling to survive under harsh winter conditions in tent camps in the Arsal region of Lebanon. The lives of our brothers, who await the freezing cold in fear in unprotected nylon tents, become unbearable in the snowfall.


Warm Your Brother With Kindness, Don't Let The Brotherhood Get Cold

Do not leave our brothers and sisters in the frosty winter alone, their cold hands in camps in cold weather and mud, their hearts in ice-cold houses without stoves and no fire, the oppressed people who struggle with hunger and thirst, and innocent puppies, by clicking the buttons on this page, or via EFT/transfer to the relevant account numbers. You can also donate by coming to our branch offices.

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