We Stand In Solidarity With Our Palestinian Brothers And Sisters Who Are Under Attack From Air And Land

We strongly condemn occupying Israel's attacks on civilians in Gaza, and as IDDEF, we are delivering emergency aid to the Gaza Strip, which Israel has blockaded and bombarded from all directions, including air, land, and sea. We continue to deliver aid supplies loaded with medicine, medical supplies, food, and water to hospitals, schools, and our oppressed brothers and sisters in our aid convoy that entered Gaza through the Rafah Border Gate. We hope to deliver three loaded trucks of humanitarian aid supplies to the border every week, with God's permission.

Israel specifically targets civilian settlements in Gaza, dropping bombs on schools and hospitals. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, Israel's attacks on Gaza killed 26,637 people, the majority of whom were children and women, and injured approximately 65,387. May God have mercy on the hundreds of our brothers who were killed in the attacks, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. Our donors' support, prayers, and hearts are all with our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Conflict Between Israel And Palestine Caused A Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza 

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has devolved into a brutal situation never seen before. While innocent and vulnerable people attempted to flee their homeland, attacks on schools or hospitals were unquestionably free of weapons and military factors. The deadly aftermath of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza destroyed buildings and mosques where Palestinians sought refuge, particularly women and children.

Israel's terrorist state continues to bomb hospitals, schools, and mosques in Gaza, which civilians refer to as safe zones.

The Conflict's Aftermath Is Growing

The results of a single circumstance are all that exists and is witnessed in Palestine today. In recent years, Israel has consistently violated international and humanitarian law. Palestinians made a final decision about their fate in this world. Because of their desire to live free, civilians and children have been held in open-air prisons for many years. Even though they are rarely warned, there are no places in Gaza where civilians can escape Israeli aggression.

Until today, these people had been unable to find adequate support. Despite the fact that the international community is unconcerned about Palestinians, they require our assistance now more than ever. As there have been 26,637 deaths and over 65,387 injuries so far.

Our Palestinian Brothers and Sisters Are Being Bombarded 

More than 2 million people live in the Gaza Strip, which Israel has surrounded by air, land, and sea for nearly 17 years and covers an area of 365 square kilometres. Our Palestinian brothers launched an operation against Israel in response to occupying Israel's increasing oppression and attacks throughout the region, particularly on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The destruction of the sanctity of Jerusalem's captive city and the Masjid al-Aqsa was a situation that wounded the hearts of Muslims all over the world. While we monitor the developments in our region and Israel's attacks on our Palestinian brothers through education, development, and humanitarian aid activities, as IDDEF, we meet the needs and inspect the damage on the ground. As they go through difficult times, we support our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Gaza Is Under Attack

There are many enormous medical and urgent needs in Gaza, and civilians are unable to access shelters due to Israeli aggression. According to the Ministry of Health, bombs were dropped over the schoolyard, where UNRWA was sheltering civilians for the night.

IDDEF continues to provide emergency aid to the area and closely monitors every single development. You can help our cause by donating through our website, where your contribution not only provides financial assistance but also strengthens the beliefs and resilience of our brothers and sisters.

Although Life In The Gaza Strip Has Ended, IDDEF Is Still Providing Aid

While all life in Gaza has come to a halt as a result of occupying Israel's attacks on civilians, our Palestinian brothers are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Our teams at IDDEF provide a variety of services, including fuel for hospitals and water facilities in the Gaza Strip, medicine and medical consumables for hospitals, surgical operations for the injured, food packages and hot meal distribution, special needs packages for women and children, blankets, and sponge mattresses for aid support in the area.

We keep boiling our cauldrons and serving hot meals to our brothers and sisters under occupation and attack.

We continue to provide hot meals to our brothers and sisters who fled the bombings in Gaza and sought refuge in schools.

IDDEF Is Present In Gaza Throughout The Year

The International Federation of Associations That Value Humanity (IDDEF) continues to deliver food packages to the homes of those in desperate need in Palestine, the Middle East's cruel and impoverished country. Throughout the year, IDDEF distributes food parcels to Gaza, where it provides fitr, zakat, food parcels, and hot meals with the help of generous donors during Ramadan. During the winter seasons, we stand with our Gaza brothers with the help of donors under the slogan "Keep A Warm Heart”. We do not leave the victims alone at any time of year, thanks to the generosity of all donors.

Half Of All Families Lack Access To Safe Food

1.3 million of Gaza's nearly 2 million residents require humanitarian assistance. 47 percent of families have difficulty obtaining safe and healthy food. Every day, the crisis of health, water, food, poverty, and unemployment worsens. You can also help your brothers and sisters by donating a food parcel.

As IDDEF, we will continue to provide food aid to our Palestinian brothers and sisters in need.

Eighty-Five Percent Of Our Palestinian Brothers And Sisters Are Living In Poverty

According to reports, the average daily income per person in Gaza is two dollars, and the percentage of young people who are unemployed has reached 65 percent. The region's economic conditions are becoming worse every day as a result of the Israeli blockade. Research highlights that an avalanche of joblessness is engulfing Gaza, with purchasing power eroding daily and 85 percent of our Palestinian brothers living below the poverty line.

You can support the victims in Gaza by donating on this page, via FAST, EFT, or Money Transfer to the relevant account numbers, or by visiting representative offices in various provinces and districts across Turkey, or by calling our call centre at +90 212 621 0065 for more information. You can also Text GAZZE to 7230 to donate 20 TL.

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We Stand In Solidarity With Our Palestinian Brothers And Sisters Who Are Under Attack From Air And Land

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