The New Academic Year Has Started! You Can Help Brothers And Sisters Who Are In Need Of Stationery And Equipment

Be A Source Of Hope For Students And A Pen For Knowledge

With the contribution of donors, IDDEF distributes educational kits to students studying Islamic Sciences and Quran Memorisation in African madrasahs. By donating $30 USD, you can provide educational kits to madrasah students, Africa's future hope, and share their excitement for learning.


The excitement of a new academic semester has begun for our education campaign as the International Federation of Associations that Value Human Beings (IDDEF), which we will continue until we reach everyone who seeks Islamic education. Our slogan is "Be The Ink Of Knowledge" to ensure that education continues in Africa, Asia, the Balkans, and any other region where humanitarian crises occur.

Our Madrasahs Begin A New Academic Year

We are rightfully proud of the increase in the number of registered students in our madrasahs, with newly registered brothers and sisters continuing their education in our madrasahs, where the excitement of the new semester is at its peak. Throughout the year, IDDEF provides assistance to over 10,000 students in 100 education centres and 85 madrasahs across 55 countries. In this context, you can share their excitement and support for our poor brothers and sisters by donating an educational kit, which contains materials such as notebooks, stationary equipment, and bags that our brothers will use throughout the educational period. You can make our African students feel the excitement of new items that we all felt during our school years.

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Students receive free primary education at the IDDEF Education Centre in Guinea

In Africa, There Is A Large Population That Needs Education, But There Are No Opportunities

In today's world, one out of every two Muslim children is deprived of an education. Our brothers and sisters who are unable to attend school are attempting to grow up in a geography surrounded by power centres with regional interests, extremist groups, and terrorist organisations. At this point, IDDEF constructs madrasahs, educates students, and works to assist Muslims in the development of future generations.


As IDDEF, we will continue to deliver your trusts to our brothers and sisters in need through the educational kit.

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Your contribution of educational kits to the Tarparkar region of Pakistan's Sindh Province enlightened students and gave them hope.

educational kit support

The New Academic Year Has Started! You Can Help Brothers And Sisters Who Are In Need Of Stationery And Equipment

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