Construct A House In Idlib To Help War Victims Who Are Struggling To Survive In Difficult Conditions

IDDEF, which supports the project initiated with the target of "100 thousand briquette houses in Idlib" within the scope of the "We Are Together, We Stand by Idlib" campaign, is building new briquette houses under the auspices of our Presidency and with the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (AFAD), alongside the state and nation joining hands. You can lend a helping hand to our war victim brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive under difficult conditions by saying, 'Be a Roof for Goodness' and putting a briquette on the wall and a tile on the roof.

Life Will Be Normalize, There Will Be A Voluntary and Safe Returns

The goal of the "We Are Together, We Stand by Idlib" campaign is to ensure the voluntary, safe, and dignified return to Syria of Syrian citizens who have been refugees in the country for a long time. IDDEF aims to support this return by building 2,390 briquette houses within the scope of this campaign and to be a roof for the goodness of Syrian refugees who have been away from their lands for a long time when they return to their country. The social integration of our war-victim brothers and sisters, who have been unable to achieve a full-fledged settled life for years, will be facilitated by the construction of briquette houses. In addition to basic shelter needs, a mini-city will be built with health centres, large water resources, and infrastructure services to be established within the framework of those needs.

The Number of Houses Built by IDDEF Will Increase to 3000

While the Syrian war continues to inflict deep wounds on our brothers and sisters on a daily basis, IDDEF continues to provide food and shelter aid to oppressed war victims. We had completed the construction of 610 briquette houses and delivered them to war victims' families as part of the briquette house campaign launched for families who had to migrate to the countryside on the Turkish border due to the difficulties brought about by the civil war and intense bombardment in order to live in more humane conditions, which rolled up its sleeves again under the leadership of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD). With the help of a donor, we hope to increase the number of briquette houses to 3000.

While the cost of one briquette flat is $2500, IDDEF will personally oversee the implementation stages of the permanent work project and ensure that the houses are completed within the project's scope.

By removing the roads that have turned into a sea of tents and mud, Syrians will be able to achieve their dream of a beautiful and liveable home.

Work continues to be done to end the difficult lives of refugee families living in tents in mudslides.

Briquette House Will Be a Warm Home

The InternatFederation of Associations That Value Humanity (IDDEF), which launched a major aid campaign in response to the harsh winter conditions in Northern Syria and the growing humanitarian crisis, continues to provide food and shelter aid through the "Syria Life Project." IDDEF built briquette houses as a permanent work for the oppressed families of Idlib who are struggling to survive in the camps in cold weather and mud, with the slogan "Keep A Warm Heart," ensuring that civilians who are war victims live protected from cold weather, rain, and mud. You can fund the briquette house project, which provides shelter for our Syrian brothers, on your own, with the help of friends or family, or by donating whatever you can afford.

Let's Warm the Oppressed Families with Kindness

The briquette houses, which began to be built for oppressed families who migrated from Idlib due to the bombardment, helped to alleviate the pain of the war by providing blankets, sponge beds, fuel, and food packages. Water tanks with a capacity of 500 litres are installed right next to briquette houses in rural areas where access to clean water is a major issue. In addition to shelter assistance, blankets, coats, and sweaters, foam mattresses, fuel, flour, food supplies, and cleaning materials are delivered to our war-victim brothers and sisters. Let us warm the hearts of oppressed Syrian families who are waiting for your help to protect themselves from the cold winter conditions with kindness. You can donate through this page, by EFT or Money Transfer to the relevant account numbers, or by visiting one of our branch locations without leaving your siblings and children shivering in the cold winter. You can also obtain detailed information by calling our call centre at +90 212 621 0065.

IDDEF continues its humanitarian aid activities in Idlib, particularly in the areas where new lives are formed and life begins to normalise. The 610 briquette houses built by us to provide a happy life in which the pain of war is forgotten.

We constructed the Ismailaga Mosque and Education Centre, which has a capacity of 1000 people, next to the brick houses in order to normalise life and make people's lives easier.

Since 2011, IDDEF Has Been Present in the Region

IDDEF has been in the region continuously since the events began in 2011, delivering charitable aid to Muslims who are trying to live their lives under difficult circumstances. We deliver flour, food packages, blankets, beds, clothes, winter fuel, hygiene, and children's packages to the region through our humanitarian aid work in Syria.

On a cold winter day, the desire for a warm home and shelter turned into good deeds.

Families who were forced to flee their homes due to bombardment are struggling to survive in these conditions.

Emergency Aid to Idlib

briquette build house in idlib

Construct A House In Idlib To Help War Victims Who Are Struggling To Survive In Difficult Conditions

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