The city of Nango, Burkina Faso, which hosts 8 madrasas built by the IDDEF, witnessed heart-touching moments.

Inauguration ceremonies were held in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries of West Africa, for 8 madrasas built in 8 remote villages, 5 masjids, 6 houses for instructors and several water wells.

Burkinese Muslims Thankful for IDDEF’s Aid

Having welcomed the 30-person committee participating from Turkey with a great joy, Burkinese Muslims showed great interest to the inauguration ceremony. Benefactors hugged their African Muslim brothers, had heart-to-heart talk and listened to their problems.


Heart-Touching Moments 

Everyone living in Nango saw the great efforts and devoted endeavours to earn Allah’s favor during the building process of madrasas. 113-aged Burkinese Ismael Porgo, the oldest person living in the village, made a heart-touching speech about the madrasa. 

Praising Words From Elderly Man

“We only gave two saplings for the madrasa. But you have watered it by Noor-ul-Islam and it’s become a giant tree.” said the African centennial, Ismael Porgo.  


A Life Devoted To Islam

Having been one of the students of Sheikh Ebubekir Evvel, the spritiual leader of Tijani Tariqa, Ismael Porgo took Islamic education and began his tabligh activities in 1945. In the beginning, the number of Muslims living in the region was not higher than 20, but now nearly all the residents are Muslims. It can be said that 70 years of tireless devotion and tabligh endeavors has finally borne its fruits and now the Dawah is expanding across the boundaries. 


Madrasa Students to Study Islamic Sciences

New projects were unveiled by Hn. Seyfettin İnanç and Hn. Nedim Payalan from İsmailağa Foundation, Chairman of the İDDEF Execution Board Mehmet Turan and other board members, Board Chairman of the İlkseç Foundation Hn. Ali Ulvi Uzunlar and several other benefactors. Educational activities have been continuing in the madrasas since April.