IDDEF Will Stand by Gaza During Eid al-Adha

IDDEF Will Stand by Gaza During Eid al-Adha
IDDEF will deliver canned meat from sacrificed animals to Palestinian families during Eid al-Adha, who are subjected to genocide by the occupying Israel and are deprived of basic needs and condemned to hunger.

The Federation of Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF) has been intensely conducting emergency aid work to meet the needs for food, medicine, fuel, blankets, and groceries for Palestinian families struggling to survive against the attacks of the occupying force Israel, which has been bombing civilian settlements from the air and land since October 7, 2023. In this context, İDDEF will also organize to deliver the sacrificial donations entrusted by benevolent people for Gaza during Eid al-Adha. İDDEF has set the share price for cattle in Gaza at 8,000 TL and will deliver the meat in canned form.

İDDEF, Kurban'da da Gazze'nin Yanında Olacak (2)

In the statement made by IDDEF about the Gaza sacrificial organization, it was said, "This year, while organizing sacrificial projects in 47 countries and 309 regions, we are also standing by our brothers in crisis areas such as Gaza, Yemen, and Syria. We will reach our brothers who are going through the hardest times in their history and have been displaced by attacks during Eid al-Adha by saying 'Qurban for Gaza'. 

İDDEF, Kurban'da da Gazze'nin Yanında Olacak (7)

In the designated countries, the cattle to be sacrificed will be slaughtered under hygienic conditions following Islamic rules and regulations. After ensuring the logistics in cold storage facilities, the meat will be turned into canned portions, allowing our brothers in Gaza to consume the meat safely and healthily for a long time. As IDDEF, we will transport the canned meat from the Emergency Aid Logistics Center we established in Cairo, Egypt, to Gaza by trucks."

Gaza sacrificial donations can be made online through the website

Donate Qurban for Gaza

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