We Are Delivering Your Aid To Our Cold-Affected Brothers And Sisters In Gaza, Idlib, Afghanistan, And Yemen

IDDEF aims to protect our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza, where occupying Israel has committed genocide since October 7, our Syrian brothers who fled the war and sought refuge at the Turkish border, our Afghan brothers who are in a recovery process following the withdrawal of the invaders, and our Yemeni brothers, who are experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis, from the harsh winter conditions by providing aid package support.

As the International Federation of Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF), we took action under the slogan "Keep A Warm Heart" for the oppressed people of Idlib, Afghanistan, and Yemen who are struggling to survive in the harsh cold winter conditions, as well as for our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza who have been subjected to genocide and are under massive attack. With our teams in the region, we personally deliver food packages, winter clothes, coal or wood aid, and blankets prepared with donations from donors as part of the winter aid campaign.

Our Palestinian Brothers And Sisters Are Victims Of Genocide

While committing genocide against the Palestinian people with its attacks on Gaza, which began on October 7, 2023, the occupying Israel is depopulating the region by demolishing hospitals, schools, and all buildings. The people of Gaza are going through a difficult time, not only because of the intense bombardment, but also because of the cold weather. Cold weather conditions, particularly in Gaza, have a negative impact on Palestinians living in tents. With our winter aid campaign, we can help our brothers and sisters who are dealing with cold weather and limited resources.

Winter Conditions Are The Biggest Challenge After The War

Since the beginning of the Syrian war, which is now in its 13th year, we have tried to stand by our brothers and sisters who have been affected. We stand in solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters, who are struggling to survive in cold weather and mud-filled camps. We provide aid such as food packages, winter clothes, blankets, and coal to victims who are living in the briquette houses and tents we built in the Idlib countryside with the help of donors. Families forced to flee to the countryside of Idlib as a result of the bombardment are struggling to survive in harsh winter conditions, cold weather, and areas flooded with rain and mud.

Warm The Hearts Of Oppressed Families

Every day, our brothers and sisters face a more difficult day, fighting against cold and hunger. We are literally declaring mobilisation for civilians who, more than ever, require assistance when the winter season arrives and long for the establishment of brotherly bonds. In this context, as always, we increase aid efforts during the winter season in order to alleviate the pain of war, at least to some extent. Let us use kindness to warm the hearts of oppressed Syrian families who are waiting for your assistance to protect themselves from the harsh winter conditions.

Yemen Is Currently Experiencing The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis

Another geography where the civil war has caused great wounds and displaced millions of people is Yemen. While we continue to provide emergency aid in Yemen, which is experiencing the world's largest humanitarian crisis as a result of war, we consistently stand by our brothers and sisters who are victims of the war in Yemen, with the support of donors. In this context, we provide food aid in the form of rice, oil, flour, sugar, meat, and blankets to people who have migrated due to war. We stand by our Yemeni brothers and sisters during the winter season by providing winter aid through our Goodness Warms movement.


The Need For Humanitarian Aid In Afghanistan Increases Every Day

Afghanistan, which was devastated by the invaders for many years, is now undergoing a recovery process in every aspect. The people of Afghanistan are in dire need of assistance as a result of a severe economic crisis that has hit the historic Islamic land. In a country with a population of 40 million, approximately 18 million people are in need and attempting to obtain consumable food. While living conditions in Afghanistan deteriorate as the winter season approaches, a massive human tragedy is unfolding in the wartorn country. As IDDEF, we continue our humanitarian aid, reconstruction, and revival work in Afghanistan, where the invaders caused widespread devastation, and we are constructing emergency aid and earthquake housing in earthquakeravaged areas. We do not abandon our brothers and sisters in the cold of winter without food, fuel, blankets, or clothing.

Let's Support Each Other In Overcoming Life's Challenges

You can also donate through this page, by FAST, EFT, or Money Transfer to the relevant account numbers, or by visiting our headquarters or representative offices, without leaving your brothers and sisters, including children, in the freezing temperatures of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Gaza, and Arsal, Lebanon. You can also donate by contacting our call centre at +90 212 621 0065 for more information.

winter aid campaign

We Are Delivering Your Aid To Our Cold-Affected Brothers And Sisters In Gaza, Idlib, Afghanistan, And Yemen

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