We are starting a tent project for our brothers and sisters trying to hold on to life in Rafah, south of Gaza.

We are launching a tent project within the scope of emergency and humanitarian aid to be distributed to our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza, where the occupying Israel destroyed their homes.


We meet the food, medicine, fuel, blanket, and food needs of Palestinian families who are struggling to survive the attacks of occupying Israel, which has been bombing civilians from the air and on the ground since October 7, 2023. Our Palestinian brothers and sisters urgently need your support to meet their shelter needs. We are taking action for our brothers and sisters who lost their homes as a result of the destruction of civilian settlements and were forced to migrate to the south of Gaza.


We continue to heal the wounds with the support of our donors in the Rafah region, where Israel committed war crimes and genocide by ignoring calls for sanctions and withdrawal. Within the scope of our project, we are establishing 1500 living tents in the Rafah region to meet the need for nutrition and shelter.


As in every region of Gaza, the humanitarian situation is at its worst in Rafah, where more than 1 million people have taken refuge. While the people of Gaza are forced to live face to face with hunger, disease, and housing problems, they struggle to survive in makeshift shelters. We are sending durable and sturdy tents to the region to meet this need in the short term.


Our 16 square meters wide tents are produced to be resistant to heat and cold. State-of-the-art insulation materials are used in the production phase, and they are also compatible with stove installation for heating in winter.

gazze çadır ol iddef yardım çalışmasıOur Gazan brothers and sisters are trying to hold on to life in makeshift buildings.

You can cover the cost of a tent by donating $500 through this page, or you can support any amount you wish. You can transfer your support to our Gaza Tent Project fund by writing "Gaza tent" in the description section of your donations via EFT/FAST/money transfer.

gazze çadır ol iddef yardım çalışması

Let's protect our brothers and sisters from winter cold, summer heat, flies, and all kinds of pests together.

tent for gaza

We are starting a tent project for our brothers and sisters trying to hold on to life in Rafah, south of Gaza.

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