Eid Gifts Can Help Spread The Joy Of Eid To Disaster Areas And Our Madrasahs

Share The Joy Of Eid

As the Federation of Associations that Value Human Beings (IDDEF), we deliver the donations of our donors this Eid, as we do every Eid, to the children in the earthquake zone and to our students studying Hafiz and Islamic Sciences in our madrasahs around the world.

Since February 6, we have been continuing our work in the earthquake zone, delivering aid and clothing to all disaster-affected brothers and sisters, ages 7 to 77, at the two Kindness Bazaars that we opened. With the help of our donors, we are able to provide holiday clothing to our children during the Ramadan feast.


IDDEF continues to build dozens of madrasahs, employ hundreds of teachers, and educate thousands of students in 55 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans, with the support of charitable donors.

Our Science Student Brothers' Eid Happiness

As IDDEF, we carry out our charity work and worship of our Lord as part of our Ramadan 2023 activities under the slogan "Goodness is with You," and we make our student brothers smile with the holiday spirit that fills our hearts. We share our students' happiness by giving them holiday dresses, thanks to the generosity of our valuable donors.


We Can Make Their Holidays

You, our generous donors, can make our brothers and sisters' holidays a "feast" by covering a student's clothing costs. You can brighten the faces of our orphans and needy students studying in our madrasahs by assisting them in receiving their Eid gifts and ensuring that they celebrate Eid with joy. The new clothes that the poor children of Islamic geography will wear on Eid will provide them with an unforgettable memory and happiness.

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Give a Holiday Gift

You can also donate 350 TL as a holiday gift. You can help your brother in the earthquake zone by contributing to the oppressed geography.

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Let your holiday gift be the happiness of a small heart.

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Eid Gifts Can Help Spread The Joy Of Eid To Disaster Areas And Our Madrasahs

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