We Provide Ambulance Services In Gaza, Which Has Been Occupied For More Than 75 Years

We are working hard to heal the wounds of civilians who were harmed in the air strikes launched by Israel against Gaza. The three ambulances we purchased and gifted with the support of our donors in 2021 continue to serve in Gaza, which is under siege. Our ambulances, which have been on active duty since the attacks started on October 7, continue to work, although one of them was seriously damaged. 


Gaza Needs Ambulance Aid Services

Israel has caused great destruction in Gaza, where it has been bombing from land and air for two months. So far, 16 thousand 248 people, including 7 thousand 112 children and 4 thousand 885 women, have lost their lives, while the number of injured has exceeded 43 thousand. We have been delivering emergency aid to Gaza continuously since 2010. Ambulances play a vital role as the most essential need in our work, which is carried out with the participation of our teams and representative office. We provide ambulance support to the area where the attacks took place to provide first aid to our injured brothers and sisters to deliver them to the nearest hospital in a short time.

Support Us To Heal The Wounds Of The Gaza People

Donors who want to contribute to the delivery of ambulances to our brothers and sisters in Gaza can donate through this page, via FAST, EFT, or Money Transfer to the relevant account numbers, or by visiting representative offices in various provinces and districts throughout Turkey, also by calling our call centre at +90 212 621 0065 for more information. You can also Text GAZZE to 7230 to donate 20 TL.

ambulances for gaza

We Provide Ambulance Services In Gaza, Which Has Been Occupied For More Than 75 Years

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