Ambulance Support Aid For Gaza

Ambulance Support Aid For Gaza
We have delivered an ambulance support team in Gaza and are still working rapidly to heal the wounds of victims, especially since the Israel attacks on October 7th.

After the air strikes and land operations started in the first week of October, we continued to provide aid support to the injured victims of the current conflict.

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The first ambulance aid to Gaza was delivered last year, and now we have four units operating despite the continuous bombardment. One of our units was bombarded last week. However, it is still on duty to serve the victims of the Israeli attacks.

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During the event of Ambulance Delivering activity as instructed by the IDDEF representative office in Gaza:

“The All-Mighty Allah says in his book: “…and whoever saves a life of a person is as if he has saved the whole humanity…”. On this blessed and unforgettable day, we delivered an ambulance unit to the emergency aid department of the Gaza Civil Defense Organization. In this context, we offer our sincere gratitude to the people of Turkey who stand with their brothers and sisters in Gaza during difficult times. The ambulance come as part of a collective effort to provide emergency aid to Gaza. We ask Allah to protect them and to accept their good deeds.”

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Anyone who wish to support this campaign, are able to make donations from our website at

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We continue to save lives and heal the wounds of the people of Gaza, who are going through very difficult times. While the Zionist murderers continue their massacre, we continue to deliver aid to our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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