Support For The Regeneration Of Burnt Forests

Support For The Regeneration Of Burnt Forests
We launched a campaign with the aim of planting 100,000 saplings in the regions affected by the fires in many provinces, especially in Antalya and...

IDDEF has started the “Bir Fidan Bin Orman” (One sapling Thousands of trees) afforestation project in order to reforest the areas that were affected by the fires around different areas in Turkey.

IDDEF explains the following: “While 85 forest fires in 26 provinces, including the forests on our southern coasts, we, as a nation, are saddened by the loss of our citizens, the extinction of animals living in the forest, and various damages. For this reason, we, IDDEF, have taken action to reforest the areas with an aim of 100,000 saplings. We have already started our sapling aid campaign under the “Let's go green together for our forests” slogan to make Antalya and the other regions to breath again.”


“We are ready to help the fire extinction actions carried out by our people and government by supporting with 100,000 saplings in this reforesting project. We encourage everyone who want to support for our project to donate through our website. We ask The-All-Mighty-Allah to give mercy to all the deceased, patience to their families, and health to all the injured. We well overcome this difficulty, we will make our forest green again.”

Sapling Donation

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