In this Ramadan, Goodness is with you

Ramadan is sharing and helping. In this month take your goodness to all parts of the world. With IDDEF you can make people smile and touch the hearts of those in need.


In Ramadan 2021, IDDEF is starting its activities under the slogan “May Goodness be with you” in 40 countries around 150 areas, reaching the people in need and taking support to students. We bring your aid, support, and your “goodness” to people in need, either in Turkey and abroad. This year, in this holy Ramadan, we aim to drill 300 water wells, build 10 permanent works, and to deliver 100,000 Holy Qur’ans. You can join our campaign and make someone who is far away from you, to smile and bring happiness to their home, that’s because goodness is with you, and it will reach all the oppressed places in the world…


We are in the hotspots 

We, as IDDEF, will continue in this Ramadan -as we do throughout the year- to reach the hearts of the oppressed by the civil war, i.e., Syria, Yemen and Palestine, countries with humanitarian crises due to war and conflict, as well as poverty, experience great difficulties. We are trying to meet all their needs by providing hot food and bread and weekly food aid every day to families who stay in 600 briquette houses and tents we built in Idlib, Syria, where we continue to provide assistance all year. We bring peace by knocking on the door of our Palestinian brothers in Gaza with hot food and opening the water well that will benefit 20 thousand people in the country where the water crisis is going on. In Yemen, where humanity has passed away, we distribute iftar and food by relieving the pain with the abundance of Ramadan. We deliver hot meals every day to Syrian refugee families who escaped from the war in Syria and stayed in tents in difficult conditions in the Arsal region of Lebanon. We meet with our brothers in Bangladesh at iftar tables and provide food packages to our refugee brothers who are trying to hold on to life in the refugee camps in Cox Bazar by escaping from the persecution in Myanmar.

What Are We Doing In 40 Countries During Ramadan?

With the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan, we bring your support to students of madrasahs, who are learning Islamic knowledge and memorizing the Qur’an, all around the world. In this Ramadan, we will bring your goodness to Islamic countries. We, as IDDEF, we cover the needs of our muslim brothers, from Asia to Africa, and from Middle east to the Balkans, bringing them your aid and support. We deliver zakat, Sadaqa ul fitr, charity and food aid from our donors to our brothers and sisters in the oppressed and victimized geographies with our teams that are transferred to the countries and local officials who are on the field all day of the year. We give presents and Eid clothes to our students, orphans and needy people under “Eid means happiness to children” concept.

Blessing in Africa

In the African continent, where the world's poorest countries are located, this Ramadan and always stand by our brothers in real need. We are able deliver food storages to the needy families with the support of our donors. We continue our projects in Ghana, Kenia, Ethiopia, and the Ivory coast. While we establish ummah iftar tables in Chad, Cameroon, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guinea, we meet at iftar tables every day with our students who receive free education in all our madrasas in 25 countries. In Guinea, one of the poorest countries in Africa, we deliver hot meals to a different village every day with our mobile iftar vehicle with our disabled brothers around Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Complex and our disabled brothers at Rotema Dispensary.

İDDEF Gine iftar

The Zakat and Saqaka ul fitr unite the muslim community

With the blessings of the month of Ramadan, we deliver your zakat and fitrah donations -which is the right of a Muslim to his Muslim brother- to real needy people and students in oppressed geographies. This kindness, which is instrumental in the consolidation of brotherhood, the strengthening and development of the ummah consciousness, meets the needs of our brothers and makes their lives easier. With your zakat and fitrah donations, you can create a smile and love in Islamic lands and touch the heart of your brother you do not know.

We have freshwater in Ramadan

People who have great difficulty in accessing clean water in Africa and South Asia have to walk for miles to reach clean water. As IDDEF, we are opening water wells, which are permanent aid for our brothers who are thirsty and have to drink dirty water during Ramadan, with our "One Drop, Thousands of Hope" campaign in reaching water, which is the most precious blessing of human life. We aim to benefit 150,000 people by drilling 300 water wells during this Ramadan period. You can be the hope of your brothers while we run out the projects in Ramadan. 

The Quran Becomes Healing for Humanity

As IDDEF, we stand by our students who are more involved with the Quran in order to complete their hafiz in Ramadan. With our teams in the countries, teachers and local officials, we deliver your help and the Quran you give as a gift to our Muslim brothers who are trying to get education with great difficulty due to economic and social problems. In order for our holy book to be read more easily and to be understood better, we are sending the Quran to our brothers who cannot reach the Quran. Within the scope of our 2021 Ramadan efforts, we aim to gift 100,000 Qur'an to Muslims.

You can make your online donation through our website.

What Has Been Done in the 2020 Ramadan Activities?

As İDDEF, in 2020 Ramadan’s activities and projects we delivered food storages, zakat, sadaqa ul fitr, Iftar and Eid clothes to the needy people and the students of the madrasahs in 106 areas around 33 countries in Africa, Asia, the middle east and the Balkans, including Turkey. We brought food storages, hygiene kits and aid cards to 10 thousand families which suffer due Coronavirus. We gave food storages to 24 thousand families in 106 areas around 33 countries; and iftar food to 280 thousand families. We drilled 159 water wells with the support of our donors. We started the construction of 4 masjeed and 2 madrasahs in the Ivory coast, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Kenya. We completed the works whose foundations were laid and put them into service within the year.