This Ramadan Spread Kindness with IDDEF

May Gaza and All Oppressed Territories be Blessed

We will distribute the zakat, zakat al-fitr, fidya, food packages, iftar meals, and other donations generously contributed by donors to our needy brothers and sisters, including Palestinian families who are suffering under bombardment and facing genocide in front of the world's eyes, as well as students pursuing education in impoverished regions. We will deliver your aid to those in need in Gaza and other oppressed regions, such as Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, where humanity is struggling with internal conflicts and difficulties, and to those in Africa where poverty prevails, as well as to our students in regions where our schools are located. We will deliver your assistance to our needy brothers and sisters both domestically and internationally during our Ramadan journey. In the earthquake-stricken areas that experienced a great disaster on February 6th, we will provide iftar meals through our mobile kitchens and deliver food packages to their homes.

During the blessed month of Ramadan, when brotherhood and blessings descend upon us like glad tidings, we will deliver your entrusted contributions to the lands of the heart. You can bring joy to your cherished brothers and sisters in Gaza, where the cruelty of our times is witnessed, and in every corner of the world, thousands of kilometers away, you can bring smiles to their faces and fill their homes with happiness. Because goodness is beautiful with you, meaningful with you, and reaches those in need with you...

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We are in Emergency Crisis Zones

We continue to reach out to hearts weary from civil war and oppression throughout Ramadan, just as we do throughout the year. Countries such as Gaza, which has been under bombardment from the occupying forces of Israel since October 7th, 2023, causing genocide from young to old, as well as countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, are facing significant challenges due to humanitarian crises exacerbated by poverty alongside war and conflicts.

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Throughout the year, we continue our aid efforts. In Afghanistan, which has been struggling after 20 years of occupation, as well as in Ethiopia and Somalia, where internal conflict and drought persist, and in Idlib, Syria, where we provide daily hot meals and bread along with weekly food aid to families living in brick houses and tents constructed by us, we strive to meet all their needs. We also contribute to the swift healing of the wounds caused by the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, which entered its 13th year and displaced more than 13 million people, with approximately 50 thousand of our citizens lost. In Gaza, where Zionist Israel's genocide is being carried out in front of the world's eyes, we deliver food, blankets, tents, fuel, and medical supplies to our Palestinian brothers and sisters. In Yemen, where humanity is dying every day, we alleviate some of the pain with the blessings of Ramadan by distributing iftar meals and food packages. In the Arsal region of Lebanon, where Syrian refugees who fled the war in Syria are living in difficult conditions in tents, we deliver hot meals to them every day.I Want to Donate Zakat

What Do We Do in 55 Countries During Ramadan?

During Ramadan, we are reaching out to needy individuals and students studying memorization of the Quran and Islamic Sciences in madrasas across the world with the blessings of Ramadan and the trust of the generous donors. This year, we are carrying goodness to the lands of Islam with you. Within the scope of Ramadan 2024 activities, we are focusing on humanitarian aid efforts from Africa to Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans, ensuring that we do not leave our waiting brothers and sisters alone. With our teams traveling to countries and our local staff working tirelessly in the field every day, we deliver zakat, fitr, fidya, charity, and food aid from generous donors to our brothers and sisters in oppressed and distressed regions. Following the belief that Eid is about bringing joy to children, we gift new clothes to impoverished and orphaned children and students for the Eid celebration.

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Zakat al-Fitr Unite the Ummah as One Family

With the blessings of Ramadan, we deliver your Zakat al-Fitr donations to the real needy and students in distressed regions. Your act of charity, which strengthens brotherhood and enhances the awareness and unity of the ummah, meets the needs of our brothers and sisters, making their lives easier. With your Zakat al-Fitr donations, you can create smiles and love in the lands of Islam, and touch the heart of a stranger with kindness.

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We Experience the Refreshment of Clean Water During Ramadan

In Africa and South Asia, people facing great difficulty in accessing clean water have to walk for miles to reach healthy water sources. During Ramadan, we are opening water wells with our "One Drop, Thousand Hopes" campaign to provide permanent assistance to our brothers and sisters experiencing thirst and forced to drink dirty water. During Ramadan, where we focus on water opening efforts, you can also bring hope to your brothers and sisters.

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The Qur'an is Healing for Humanity

During Ramadan, we stand by our students who are more engaged with the Qur'an to complete their memorization. With our teams and local staff in countries, along with our scholars, we deliver your assistance and the Qur'an you donate to Muslim brothers and sisters who are striving to receive education under significant economic and social challenges. We provide the Qur'an to those who cannot access it easily, to facilitate its reading and better understanding. As part of our 2024 Ramadan activities, with your support, we continue to gift the Qur'an to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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In our 2023 Ramadan activities, we delivered the trusts of our benevolent donors to our brothers and sisters around the world, especially in earthquake-affected areas.