Let’s Give Charity To Our Muslim Brothers And Sisters And Spread Goodness Throughout The World Together

Give Sadaqah To Make People Smile

As the Federation of Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF), we distribute your charitable donations to those in need and to our students, including our brothers and sisters studying in oppressed regions.

Your zakat and fitra donations are given to our Muslim brothers and sisters in need, especially during Ramadan, the month of mercy and compassion. Alms are an offering that ensures we always have a cooperative spirit. A small act of charity can avert a great deal of trouble, as any Muslim is well aware of.


Charity Is A Bridge That Leads Us To Goodness

Sadaqah is charity; it purifies, it increases nourishment, and it acts as a barrier against potential problems, misfortunes, accidents, and transgressions. In the afterlife, our deeds serve as a bridge that guides us towards goodness in this life.

Let's Make Our Student Brothers' Lives Easier

IDDEF plays an important role in this noble cause, delivering your charitable donations to our poor and oppressed brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, and the Balkans. Those in need benefit from the trust you have entrusted to us with great sincerity. In addition, giving alms to students who are studying science has special importance. A significant proportion of our students come from economically challenged families, so any assistance, no matter how small, helps to ease their daily struggles. As IDDEF, we distribute your zakat and alms to our madrasah students and those in need. Your charitable donations will make our brothers smile as we meet their needs.

Let's Experience The Spirit Of Cooperation Together

According to the Hadith of our Prophet (S.A.W. ), "a piece of bread given as alms grows as large as the mountain of Uhud in the sight of Allah." We feel the value of donations when we give with good intentions and a pure heart. Charity encompasses all forms of giving as an expression of gratitude for Allah's Almighty's blessings. Let’s cultivate and live the cooperative spirit together.

Let us not forget that whoever gives alms freely for the sake of Allah will be protected from calamities, sins, torment in the grave, and hellfire, as well as from troubles.

You can donate 20 TL by sending the SMS code SADAKA to 7230.


Let’s Give Charity To Our Muslim Brothers And Sisters And Spread Goodness Throughout The World Together

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