You Can Lend A Helping Hand To Our Orphaned Brothers And Sisters, Who Receive Free Education In Our Madrasahs

There Is Hope For Orphans In Our Heartland

We enrolled poor, disabled, and orphan students in our 80 madrasahs and 100 education centres, which we built with the help of donors from all over the world. Through the careful teachings and lessons provided by our teachers, the students acquire Islamic education and develop into hafiz.

As the Federation of Associations That Value Human Beings (IDDEF), we provide free education to poor, orphaned, and disabled students, both boys and girls, who are unable to receive a proper Islamic education due to economic and social issues worldwide, particularly in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans.


More than 140 million children worldwide have lost their fathers or both parents due to war, occupation, conflict, natural disasters, poverty, and disease, and these children live as orphans. Taking care of orphans, particularly those affected by the crisis environment and vulnerable to various threats, is critical for the peace and unity of our heartland.

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As IDDEF, we work to ensure that orphans receive an education, grow up to be qualified individuals, and have the best opportunity to learn Islam. With your help, our orphan brothers and sisters can get an education, and their lives are made easier by humanitarian aid activities that support Islamic education. We make orphans happy by receiving charitable donations such as zakat, fitra, food aid, qurban, and alms.

By giving to orphan students, you can encourage them to pursue their studies in Allah's way and help them feel less alone. Donating orphan students can be done on this page, through EFT or Money Transfer to the account numbers, by visiting one of our branch locations, or by giving a call to +90 212 621 0065 for more details.

Remember that the Holy Quran, our sacred book, contains directives from Allah Ta'ala regarding the protection of orphans. In Surah Al-Fajr, verse 17, our Lord says, "Indeed, you do not offer anything to the orphan." When our Prophet (SAW) explained the blessing of protecting the orphan to his Ummah, he said, "I and the person who protects the orphan will be together in heaven."


You Can Lend A Helping Hand To Our Orphaned Brothers And Sisters, Who Receive Free Education In Our Madrasahs

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