Grow your own tree in Africa

We, as IDDEF, first of all, on the African continent we plant trees on the periphery of the madrasahs in the case they need it. In this context, we plant saplings in the already finished orphanage’s garden and 100 mango and lemon trees respectively in the madrasah in west Africa, Burkina Faso. The trees and forest are an ornament for this country, and the breath of living things. Now, let’s support to make Africa green.


What is the sapling project?

In Equatorial Africa, where the illegal logging occupies one of the first places in the world, through our project we’re preventing these lungs of the planet from being exterminated. Just as Allah tell us about the importance of the forests and their blessings, as we’re trying to protect them, we also plant sapling which will turn to be a forest in the future.

How do we carry out the project?

We’re planting trees in the zones where our madrasahs are, as Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. We run out the project with the help and supervision of our local staff in Africa, and with the support of our donors. 


Our religion gives importance to trees, vegetation and nature

Since the day IDDEF was founded, we have been thinking on people’s next and eternal life. That’s why one of our main principles is Islamic education. At the same time, to give importance to all living things, to the surrounding, it is one of the requirements of our religion.


Where do we apply our project?

First, we plan to continue our project in the places where our madrasahs are. As a priority we will add the following countries to the project: Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. Later we will add Kenya, Niger, Uganda and Tanzania. Our goal is to support nature’s development in the 33 areas where our madrasahs are, and to be an example for the local people as muslims.


When does the project is applied?

We’ve already started with our project in Burkina Faso. Our saplings have started to grow. One of our most important objectives is to make small forests in new areas with the support of our donors. As soon as the donations reach 100 saplings, we, students and teachers, begin to plant them.


'Our mothers” Memorial Sapling'

We, as IDDEF, as we have finished the second stage of the orphanage that we opened in Burkina Faso, we also planted in its garden 100 mango and limon saplings. With the touching help of our students and the hadeeth “The paradise is under the feet of mothers” understanding, we all together we lived joy. “If you think about the next year, plant a seed”, “If you think about the next 10 years, plant a tree”, “if you thing about the next hundred years, raise a person.” 


Let’s make Africa green

If you want to own a tree in Africa, you can support our project “Sapling project in Africa”. You can make a sapling grow in those places where are either wet because of rain or dry.


grow your own tree in africa

Grow your own tree in Africa

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