The Great Omar Mosque, Illuminated by IDDEF, was Destroyed by the Terrorist State of Israel

The Great Omar Mosque, Illuminated by IDDEF, was Destroyed by the Terrorist State of Israel
The Great Omar Mosque, the largest and oldest mosque in the Gaza Strip, was destroyed by Israeli warplanes. IDDEF, with the support of generous donors, had repaired the mosque’s light problem by installing solar panels in 2021, which had been without electricity for months while all the worship was made in darkness.

The Federation of the Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF), in addition to its educational and humanitarian aid activities, constructs permanent Works such as mosques, prayer rooms, and madrasas in different regions of the world, while also taking care of Islamic works with restoration projects. In 2021, IDDEF provided sustainable electricity to the mosque through the Gaza Great Omar Mosque Lighting Project. The mosque, a center of knowledge and worship, which was the main attraction of Ramadan, was bombed and destroyed by Israeli warplanes.

The solar panels of the Great Omar Mosque were rendered unusable during Israel's attacks in 2019-2020. IDDEF, which has been providing humanitarian aid in every region affected by destruction in Gaza, which has been under Israeli blockade for years, had reinstalled the solar panel system of the Great Omar Mosque with the support of donors, enabling Palestinian Muslims to have access to electricity. IDDEF main aim was to improve the basic right of Gaza's people to worship by creating sustainable energy through the solar panels, allowing Muslims to perform their prayers and lessons comfortably.

However, the terrorist Israel continues to target the historical and cultural heritage of Gaza, just as it has been committing genocide since October 7, 2023, killing tens of thousands of people. The historical Great Omar Mosque, located in the Old City of Gaza, is the oldest and largest mosque in the region, with a history predating both Christianity and Islam. Initially established as a place of worship for local religions in historic Palestinian lands, the structure was converted into a church by the Byzantines in the 5th century and later into a mosque during the caliphate of Umar ibn Al-Khattab in the 7th century. The pilar, considered an "aesthetic mosque" by the famous traveler Ibn-I Battuta, was destroyed in Israeli bombardment, and a part of the mosque was damaged.


Palestinian Culture Minister Atif Abu Seif stated that Israeli attacks have destroyed a significant part of the ancient city of Gaza, including historical buildings, mosques, museums, and archaeological sites.

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