Solar Panel


We illuminate the sun, which is the source of life that Allah has given us, our homes, the Muslims, and the houses of Muslims living in darkness.


Our project is divided into four main parts:

  • In the first place, we will reduce energy consumption by providing electricity and illumination needs of IDDEF schools from solar panels.
  • Secondly, we will increase the participation of community and evening prayers by providing IDDEF and other surrounding mosques with their solar panels.
  • Thirdly, by setting up the lighting of Muslim houses with solar panels, we will allow women to do housework easily, allow children to study and prevent fires.
  • Fourth, we will allow Muslim villagers to build street lighting with solar panels to increase security in the village and enable small businesses to continue their work in the evenings.


In sub-Saharan Africa, only 18% of the rural population has access to electricity. That means about 550 million people can not reach the electricity. As students try to keep their candle or fire light training on occasional occasions, women are having great difficulty with the housework they need to do at night. The candles and fire that are used for lighting cause thousands of people to die each year and tens of thousands of people to lose their homes. On the other hand, women and children are experiencing great security problems, especially because of the inadequacy of street lighting. At the same time, many businesses are not enlightened and earn less than they can earn by closing early. All of these solutions can be eliminated with simple solar panel systems. In IDDEF, we have a solar panel project in the countries where our schools are located and the people have difficulty in accessing electricity.


We started our project primarily at Burkina Faso Medres, one of the important Islamic education centers in West Africa. We aim to spread this system, which we already use, primarily in other media. We will illuminate the mosques, Muslim homes and streets in our region with our support of our donors.


We started our project with Burkina Faso Medresemiz. Along with the donations we will continue to enlighten new towns, mosques and homes, provide sustainable facilities for the needy and raise new generations with Islamic Education.