Scholarship For A Student

Scholarship For A Student

Empower Students Through Our Scholarship Program

IDDEF education system supports needy students in providing Traditional Islamic Studies and Modern Education. By combining these two disciplines, students can achieve a well-rounded educational experience in adhering to the roots during the “End of Times.” Donors who want to partner in our mission can contribute through a scholarship program. In this sense, donors can make a significant impact by sponsoring the education of one or many students.

Worldwide Education Activities

IDDEF has 80 madrasahs in 40 countries, including Mauritius, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and much more. Our aims is to reach every child in need exposed to many humanitarian crises, such as economic hardship and security in these countries where education activities are carried out.

How To Sponsor A Student?

Donors can donate by clicking on the gold ‘donate’ button on the right side of the page to explore various term plans. Those who prefer manual method and with the accessibility can visit our central representatives office or contact our call centre at +90 212 621 0065 for more information.

Access To Student Information

Transparency is a cornerstone of our program. IDDEF provides regular updates on students’ educational and developmental progress and shares them every six months via phone or e-mail. Additionally, this information can be checked on our website at ( or through mobile application. After logging in, past and current students’ information will be listed on the scholarship menu.

Making Recurring Donations

Reccuring donations can be made for 6-months, annually, 2-years, or 3-years by adding a “STUDENT” note, the Project Code (9149), and the donor information in the payment description.


Student progress reports and informations are sent periodically to our donors who undertake student scholarships.