Salary For A Scholar

Salary For A Scholar

We support our scholars to enrich by constructing and establishing madrasahs and education centers. You can become of our partner in this mission and gain a new brother and sister who spreads knowledge in their hometown. 

Long Term But Essential Activity

IDDEF carries out all aid activities on a broad scale, such as education systems, permanent works (mosques, madrasahs, water wells, etc.), and humanitarian and emergency aid by supporting local communities. Achieving development in education is one of the most significant processes for humanity. Our mission aims to create permanent solutions by incorporating local people into the process.

In this context, scholars are essential partners for students who make us look at the future with hope. Our scholars are in charge of two fundamental disciplines,  which are Islamic studies, and modern education in the madrasahs, with various cultural roots throughout the continents. The impact of providing salaries to scholars has a crucial role in the education structure. IDDEF shares lots of real-life stories with donors in terms of believing in accountability and transparency.


How To Sponsor A Scholar?

Donation to sponsor a scholar is always available for details of payments on our websites for donors who would like to follow their support periods from time to time. They can choose expiration dates and optional payment periods by clicking on the gold ‘donate’ button on the right side of the page.