Rain Harvesting

Water is the most important source of life for mankind after air. Allah-u Allaah commands the creation of people in water. Neither humanity nor civilization can be considered without water. So all the great civilizations throughout history have been built on the waters. Mecca became a settlement when Allah sent Zemzem.

The water has two basic sources. Water on Earth and water descending from the sky. Humanity has used both methods throughout history. According to their geographical location and conditions they open water wells or build cisterns and dams and collect rain water to get their water needs.

What is Rain Harvesting?

Rain collecting is the name given to the technique of accumulating rain for various periods in arid regions under various conditions by using various techniques. Dams and cisterns are examples of large-scale rain accumulation. However, small-scale household use and rain collection techniques for agriculture can be applied efficiently.

Why Collecting Rain?

With the modern period and urbanization, the water cycle began to deteriorate. Concrete and asphalt and the closure of the soil surface cause the soil to be unable to catch water and to reduce groundwater. In addition, rainfall in cities is sent back to the sea from sewer systems without being used. In this cycle, rain is not beneficial for humans, but it is becoming more damaging to flood disasters caused by blocked sewers.

What Does It Take to Keep Rainwater?

  • Prevents erosion
  • Celi head
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Reduce the repetition of mosquitoes
  • Feeds underground waters
  • Increases soil productivity
  • Provides quality drinking water
  • Drainage piping for flood control removes cost and labor costs
  • Quality irrigation supplies water
  • Disconnecting the mains water does not affect you
  • Flora and faunay nourish

Where does İDDEF Rain Collecting do?

Rain gathering is especially needed in areas where precipitation and arid seasons are present. During the rainy season, the gathering of the rainy season for the arid periods allows the entire year to pass as water. Particularly Central Africa is at the forefront of these regions. On the other side, water collected by rain is vital even in regions like Asia where rain is constantly raining, but areas that are subject to clean water problems due to human crowds and environmental problems.