IDDEF delivers your qurban donations to all the people in need around 56 countries. This year we determined our fees are $ 110 for small cattle and $ 100 for a big cattle share. For years, IDDEF has delivered your help to 56 nations with complete confidence and experience.


Share Your Qurban with Your Brother and Sisters

With your support, IDDEF reached 3 million 412 thousand needy people in 300 regions around 47 countries, and it acquired 101 thousand 921 Qurban shares during the last year.  

We provide qurban meats to both our students in our madrasas and families in need in the areas where we work as a result of qurban donations received throughout the year.

Make a Qurban Donation

You Can Make Your Al-Nadhr, Aqiqa and Shukur Qurban Donations During the Year

Thanks to our Qurban organization experience that we have developed regularly for 14 years, we personally handle the sacrificial animals and carry out on-site inspections, without resorting to intermediary institutions. In this way, we support our brothers and sisters in need by reaching almost every region of the Muslim geographies during the Wajib Qurban period.

In this year, we determine the one fee of udhiyah (wajib qurban) for small cattle $ 110, and for big cattle share is $ 100. These prices also will remain the same for al-nadhr, aqiqa and shukur during this period.

In addition to the Eid al-Adha period, we precisely carry out the donations of al-nadhr, aqiqa and shukur qurban regularly throughout the year by receiving donations from donors, and share the video of the animal with our donors within 3 days.

Being one of the most significant traditions of Prophet Abraham and a fruitful period for enhancing solidarity, unity, social cooperation and spirituality among Muslims, Eid al-Adha is also of great importance for needy people all around the world. Since 2009, we delivered your Qurban donations to needy people in 56 countries. Our periodical Qurban organizations are vital importance both for students in our madrasas, their families and locals.

This sacred practice is highly important for Muslims and that’s why we comply strictly with Islamic rules during slaughter. Slaughter is performed by our experienced staff and the whole process is visually recorded. We share all the related details with you.

Types of Qurban Donations

We welcome sacrifice donations on intervals. Obligatory (wajib) sacrifices can be donated as a share or as goat and sheep. Out of the sacrifice period, all sacrifice donations can be received for Aqiqah and Adaq.

Things to Consider When Performing Qurban

In addition to the sincerity and spiritual consciousness we need to have while performing Qurban, it is also a must to deliver all donations safely to needy people. Benefactors should prefer Qurban organizations that operate without partner organizations.

Furthermore, deputation process should be carefully done by the organization. Determining a fair price for the Qurban organizations is also important, since high or extremely-low prices may dissociate benefactors from donating Qurban. Sending all the related visual data to the benefactor provides confidence for the organization.

Why to choose IDDEF Qurban Organization?

Qurban must be performed by all Muslim adults of sane minds and affordable means with a great devotion. Qurban sacrifices should be shared equally, in three parts; one for the family of the individual offering Qurban, one for that individual's friends and relatives, and one for the poor and needy. Through İDDEF, you can donate Qurban to those in need in other countries too. It is possible, and admirable, to perform Qurban on behalf of the deceased.

By sticking to the principle ‘the fairest price for the neediest regions’, we have been organizing Qurban distribution since 2009. We share all the needs and information about the region we perform Qurban. By issuing deputations for every donator, sending all the visual data of slaughtered and distributed Qurban, we ensure all benefactors that their donations are properly distributed.

Where are the Qurban slaughtered, Who receive the meat?

IDDEF performs Qurban in Africa, Asia and Europa, in the regions where we have madrasas. Qurban are distributed to madrasa students, their families and needy people.