"Protecting the Services of IDDEF is Our Duty"

"Protecting the Services of IDDEF is Our Duty"
IDDEF General President Mehmet Turan stated that donors ask, question, and take ownership of their good deeds, indicating that the passengers of this service ship are not those who have been persuaded but rather those who have boarded after thorough research and questioning.

Speaking on the Ümmetin Renkleri program on IDDEF TV's YouTube channel, IDDEF General President Mehmet Turan explained the activities and service areas of IDDEF. Turan said, "No worship is performed with doubt. First, you must know your rights and then your limits. Our duty, knowing our rights, is to protect and maintain our services to the end. We consider it our honor to protect it until our last breath."

“Our Concern, Intent, and Goal is the Madrasa”

Explaining the main goal of IDDEF's services, IDDEF General President Mehmet Turan said, “We are talking about the formation of a spirit, a cause, all over the world. With the continuation of the spirit, understanding, and lineage, it will last until the Day of Judgment. IDDEF, which started as a preaching and invitation movement in the 1980s, began its activities by being established as the Federation of the Associations that Value Humanity (IDDEF) in 2009 and expanding abroad. With nearly a thousand service army and close to 20 thousand day and boarding students, our services have reached the remotest corners of the world in the line of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. IDDEF operates with this vision and mission.”

“What Matters is Not Who We Meet But Why We Meet”

Sharing IDDEF's work in Syria and a visit that took place, Turan said, “There is always unrest in the face of peace. There have always been and will always be people who are disturbed by peace, until the Day of Judgment. It is not important who we meet, but why we meet is much more valuable. By protecting our values and red lines, we knock on every door and enter every door. But if we have taken on the task of imposing our values on the other party, our purpose has already been determined. For example, in every step we take in Syria and every area we work in and are together, it consists of individuals, institutions, and organizations working in the triangle of preaching, education, and Sufism. In this area, there is also preaching and invitation. For example, we visited the Rector of Idlib University in Idlib city, Syria. Regardless of his faith and creed. We said, 'if you read these works to the students, you will understand what we want to do.' The issue is a matter of being grateful for a visit.”

“First, Know Your Rights, Then Know Your Limits!”

Stating that the compliments and congratulations received after the works can change with the feelings and emotions that develop over time, Turan said, “Yesterday, it was said, 'Well done, what a beautiful work,' but today, it can turn into 'we have given so much advice, but they did not listen.' We do not talk about these matters. There is no need to talk. As a result, we have learned one thing clearly from the steps we have taken and the services we have provided. In everything you do, first, know your rights, then your limits. The consequence of knowing our rights is to protect the services we have provided until our last breath. It is our duty to protect and maintain the services. While protecting them, we know our limits and never go beyond the bounds of propriety. Today, we have built most of the madrasas in the villages of Burkina Faso at the request of Christian ministers. The projects we brought to them and the human relations led to us facilitating the construction of a complex in a Christian minister's village. Therefore, considering all these, we are not an organization that will be discouraged, demoralized, collapsed, or demolished with some allegations or even some open slanders. Because we have the support and affection of hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters. Because we have established a system where we give and follow up, not just give and forget.”

İDDEF burkina faso afrika hizmet ağacı dua ehli sünnet

“Our Donor Asks, Questions, and Takes Ownership”

Expressing that donors follow up on their aid and permanent works and that they are pleased with this, Turan said, “A donor calls our call center and says, 'I had a well drilled 11 years ago, I have not heard from it for the last year...' Look, they question. We have created such a community. Every work done with the donations of our philanthropists has been transparently and concretely accounted for. Why shouldn't we help IDDEF? Some people have come out and said, 'it is unclear where it went.' This is a very vague statement. It is something beyond slander. When creating IDDEF’s philanthropic community, we always said, 'If you have even the slightest doubt in your heart, do not donate.' A brother of ours called about a madrasa in Afghanistan. He said, 'If we clear the doubt, we would donate.' We said there is no need for a meeting if there is doubt. No worship is performed with doubt.”

"The Passengers of This Service Ship are Not Persuaded But Believers"

IDDEF General President Mehmet Turan said, “This ship will sail until the Day of Judgment with Allah’s permission. The passengers of this ship are not those who have been persuaded but those who have boarded after thorough questioning, speaking, researching, and questioning.”

“If Someone Doubts, They Should Not Entrust Their Belongings to Our Institution”

Providing information about IDDEF's overseas obligatory qurban organization due to the approaching Eid al-Adha and making noteworthy warnings, Turan said, “Qurban is a means that brings us closer to Allah (swt). It is an act of offering and gifting. This year, too, many will try to create perceptions and cause trouble. We stress emphatically that no worship is performed with doubt. You will not doubt. The moment you doubt, definitely do not entrust your belongings to us. Even if a brother who loves us has even the slightest doubt, he should not entrust his belongings to our institution under any circumstances. If they do, even if the worship reaches its place, it will not have any blessing. As we approach Qurban, our brothers will be subject to some perceptions, some gossip, and some slanders. All our brothers will refer to their consciences, and if their hearts are at peace, they will entrust their belongings.”

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