The IDDEF drilled 9 water wells in Nigeria by the valuable donations of distinguished benefactors. Muslims living in difficult conditions tasted the clean and potable water.

Sponsor A Well

Wee drilled 9 fresh water wells for our Muslim brothers who did not have any access to clean water. Four of the wells are solar-powered and have storage tanks. Thanks to the maintance-free facilities, these wells will be able to serve our brothers efficiently and smoothly for years. Thousands of Nigerians will benefit from these water wells. We know that serving the ground water, one of Allah Ta’ala’s greatest blessings to the human beings, to our Muslim brothers eases the hard lives of local people.

We Join Hands to Overcome the Grave Difficulties

Through its ever-expanding service network, the IDDEF is raising the number of water wells to supply locals with life source – the water. Water scarcity in African and Asian countries is the most challenging issue for Muslims. Thus we join hands to overcome the water shortage and prioritize supplying clean and potable water in our aid activities.


‘Water Worried No More’

Kano, one of the cities we drilled water well, welcomed the inauguration with a great joy. After solar-powered water well drilled in Talatar Jido village of Kano, Nigeria provided access to safe water for the residents, “We dug many wells to drill water, including manuel wells. All are out of order right now. The only tank we have cannot be used as well. But since the opening of this solar-powered well, all our problems have been over.” said Moussa, a local Muslim.


 ‘We use this water whenever we need, May Allah be pleased with you’

 “I live in the area where you open the well and supply water for the mosque. When you visited the well for inspection, I saluted you several times. That well is just behind my house and the mosque is very far. All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and blessing be upon Prophet Mohammad. We thank all the benefactors and donators for all the good they have done. From now on it is very easy for us to get and store water. We use this water for everything; ablution, drinking, cooking meals, bathing and for anything that comes to your mind. May Allah always protect you. Many thanks to İDDEF.” said Jummai, another Muslim resident from the village.


 “Ahlul Bait” and “Ashabul Qiram” wells were unveiled with a great ceremony. 


 ‘Many thanks, We Are So Grateful’

 “We used to carry pots of water on our heads. There was only a manuel-pump built by a man named Shehu. But it wasn’t working well. Now we’re very grateful for this well.” said another Muslim resident of Tambutun Jida village, Garba Ya’u. 



Kids Happy As Water Well Unveils

Clean water scarcity puts children at risk. Contaminated water or water scarcity claims thousands of infants’ and children’s lives. New water wells are serving many advantages for the children. Nigerian Muslim children take their water bins and run to fountains, carry it back to their homes. In the past, they had to travel long distances. 


Millions of Muslims Have No Access to Potable Water

700 million people, mostly Muslims, cannot reach to clean and potable water. Primitively distilled water supplies claim two thousand people’s lives every week, most of them are children under 5. 


‘Sponsor A Well’

When we compare the water wells with the muchness of water sources on Earth, we just provide them a drop of water. However, thinking the effects and service of a well in a village, it is like the freshness of an ocean. A drop of water you donate for our brothers becomes clean and drinkable spring for millions of people. Distinguished donators, you can either sponsor a well or donate as much as you can to help us dig wells as a sustainable and permanent aid for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Support IDDEF’S “Sponsor a Well’ campaign and be freshness for arid and droughty regions. 

Sponsor A Well

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