IDDEF's Tent for Gaza Campaign

IDDEF's Tent for Gaza Campaign
IDDEF is setting up 1,500 living tents for families in Gaza's Rafah area who were forced to migrate south and build makeshift shelters as a result of Israeli occupation forces demolishing their homes.

IDDEF has been actively conducting emergency aid operations since October 7, 2023, in response to the attacks by the occupying Israeli forces that have been bombing civilian settlements from the air and land. In the face of these attacks, IDDEF continues its emergency aid efforts under the understanding of being Gaza’s hope by meeting the needs of Palestinian families struggling for survival, including food, medicine, fuel, blankets, and provisions.

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Starting the campaign with the slogan "Be a tent for Gaza," IDDEF continues to heal wounds in the region where Israel commits genocide with the support of donors while meeting the nutrition and shelter needs by setting up 1,500 living tents in the Rafah area.Donate Now

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In a statement made by IDDEF, it was emphasized, "Since the beginning of the attacks, massacres, and genocide, we have been striving to stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Describing the humanitarian situation in the entire Gaza territories, especially in the Rafah area where more than 1 million people have taken shelter, as a disaster, people face hunger, disease, and housing problems. We provide our brothers and sisters, who are trying to survive in makeshift nylon tents with the means at our disposal, with practical and sturdy tents as shelter."

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Regarding the tent, the statement provided information: "Our 16-square-meter Gaza living tent, with galvanized pipe, waterproof material, zippered door that can be opened from inside and outside, window with a cover, mosquito net, UV-enhanced cover, and heat- and cold-resistant lining and insulation material, will provide great convenience for our brothers and sisters in Gaza to shelter. Our tent, which will protect from heat in summer with its PE tarpaulin on the floor and will have a pipe outlet plate for stove installation in winter, will be installed."

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Donors can support the campaign by writing "Tent for Gaza" in the description when making a FAST/EFT/transfer to the relevant account numbers via the website.

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Our Gazan brothers and sisters are trying to hold on to life in makeshift buildings.

Let's protect our brothers and sisters from winter cold, summer heat, flies, and all kinds of pests together.

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