IDDEF's Aid to Gaza Continues Uninterrupted

IDDEF supports Palestinian civilians in Gaza, who have been fighting for survival since the occupation forces of Israel initiated bombing attacks on October 7th, 2023, with food, emergency supplies, and ambulances.

While the terrorist state of Israel's blockade and bombardment continue to tear civilians apart in the Gaza Strip, the region is being turned into ruins, taking lives. Zionist Israel, claiming it is a safe zone, continues to bomb the Egyptian border of Gaza, which it expelled people from, and so far, 28,000 Palestinians have been murdered. Despite all the genocide and atrocities of our time, IDDEF continues its humanitarian aid efforts tirelessly, endeavoring to heal the wounds with its teams in the region. IDDEF, with its three ambulances, strives to provide healthcare services while sending three trucks of food and medical supplies to Gaza every week from its logistical base in Cairo, Egypt.


IDDEF, trying to fulfill its mission in Gaza with the support of its donors, heals the wounds of Palestinians in the region where Israel commits atrocities against humanity and war crimes. Distributing fuel, medicine, food, and blankets, IDDEF bakes bread daily in bakeries and provides daily hot meals for 9,000 people along with 50,000 loaves of bread.

Civilians in Gaza, home to approximately 2.5 million people, are forced to flee the northern and central regions under intense bombing attacks, seeking refuge in the south, particularly in the city of Rafah near the Egyptian border. With 1.3 million civilians crowded in Rafah, they live in streets and shelters cornered, while the occupying forces continue to bomb this area. Palestinian civilians, who now have nowhere safe to go, await protection and access to safe food.

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Donors can support affected families in Gaza by visiting the website "" or by visiting the relevant account numbers via FAST/EFT/transfer, by visiting the branches in various cities and towns in Turkey, or by obtaining detailed information through the call center at 0212 6210065.

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Current Situation in Rafah City

Located on the southern border of the Gaza Strip, Rafah City hosts approximately half of Gaza's 2.3 million population due to thousands of people displaced by Israeli attacks. Israeli forces frequently target Rafah City with airstrikes. There are concerns that if Israel launches a ground attack on Rafah City, there will be no shelters left for civilians in the Gaza Strip.