IDDEF Will Warm the Faces of the Oppressed and Victims with Kindness

IDDEF Will Warm the Faces of the Oppressed and Victims with Kindness
IDDEF has launched a winter aid campaign with the slogan "Keep a warm heart" for those in crisis areas struggling for survival in cold weather and harsh conditions, especially in Gaza.

IDDEF, as in previous years, has initiated the "Keep a warm heart" campaign during the winter season of 2023-2024 for the oppressed and victimized civilians striving to survive in cold weather conditions in crisis areas such as Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. 

IDDEF will deliver food packages, winter clothing, blankets, Qurban meat, stoves, and fuel aid prepared with the donations of our donors throughout the winter to the region through its local teams.

İDDEF, Mazlum ve Mağdur Yüzleri İyilikle Isıtacak (4)

In a statement made by IDDEF, it was mentioned the following: “With each new winter, we deliver the assistance of our donors to our needy brothers and sisters who are forced to face even greater challenges than us, struggling for survival in the midst of various humanitarian crises. In this season when the cold of winter is increasingly felt, we do not leave our needy brothers and sisters alone under difficult situation in regions where they are experiencing war, instability, and natural disasters."

The statement also highlighted that the aid provided in crisis areas eases the difficulties brought by winter and emphasized that, "Especially in Gaza, where Israel has been committing genocide since October 7, we have been providing winter aid packages support to ensure that our Palestinian brothers and sisters, our Syrian brothers and sisters who have taken refuge on the Turkish border, our Afghan brothers and sisters recovering from the withdrawal of occupiers, and our Yemeni brothers and sisters experiencing a major humanitarian crisis are not affected by the harsh winter conditions. With the winter campaign which we have initiated under the the slogan “Keep a warm heart”, we have been delivering essential humanitarian aid materials such as food packages, blankets, clothing, and fuel to our brothers and sisters who resist the cold in makeshift shelters, homes without heating, and lacking furniture. We are calling all our donors to stand by the oppressed families who are waiting for their aid in the cold camps during winter."

İDDEF, Mazlum ve Mağdur Yüzleri İyilikle Isıtacak (7)

Donors can support families facing life challenges during winter by donating through the website, by visiting representative offices in various cities and districts of Turkey, or by calling the hotline at 0212 6210065. 

İDDEF, Mazlum ve Mağdur Yüzleri İyilikle Isıtacak (6)

İDDEF, Mazlum ve Mağdur Yüzleri İyilikle Isıtacak (5)

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