İDDEF Will Say "May Goodness be With You" in 40 Countries

İDDEF Will Say "May Goodness be With You"  in 40 Countries
IDDEF, in this holy Ramadan aims to touch the heart and make smile under its slogan "Goodness be with you" in Turkey and all around the world.

IDDEF, in this Ramadan, will bring the donations of our donors to 150 areas around 40 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, and Turkey.

IDDEF in this 2021 Ramadan will run out its activities under the slogan “May Goodness be with you”, delivering zakat donations, sadaqa ul fitr, Food storages, iftar, and other aids to the madrasahs’ students and needy people in Africa, Asia, The Middle East, the Balkans, and Turkey. Furthermore, IDDEF will give Eid clothes as a present to orphans and students. Our donors will be able to support them also by making a 15 US donation in order to contribute with a food storage. 


IDDEF made the following explanation about Ramadan: “We, as IDDEF, with the slogan “May goodness be with you”, will run out its Ramadan 2021 activities in 150 areas around 40 countries, spreading goodness between people in need in 40 countries in 4 continents. In this Ramadan with “Goodness is with you, everywhere” concept we will deliver our donors’ aid to needy people abroad and in Turkey. We will deliver especially food aid and iftars in the hotspots of civil wars, as Syria, Yemen, Gaza and Bangladesh. 

İDDEF, 40 Ülkede İyilik Seninle Diyecek (2)

We are trying to meet all their needs by providing hot meals, bread and weekly food aid to families staying in 600 briquette houses and tents we built in Idlib, Syria, and to our Syrian refugee brothers and sisters in Arsal, Lebanon, where we continue to help. all year. We are already offering food packages, hot food and water to our Arakan brothers who escaped persecution in Myanmar and tried to hold on to life in the refugee camps in Cox Bazar and were injured in the recent fire disaster.”

İDDEF, 40 Ülkede İyilik Seninle Diyecek (3)

“In the statement, which stated that the foundations of permanent works will be laid, a water well will be opened and the Quran will be given as a gift during Ramadan, the following sentences were included:


"During Ramadan, we aim to lay the foundations of 10 permanent works such as madrasah, masjid and orphanage, to drill 300 water wells and to present 100,000 Qur'an to our Muslim brothers. While we are setting ummah iftar tables in African countries, Chad, Cameroon, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guinea, we will meet at iftar tables every day with our students who receive free education in all our madrasas in 25 countries. In Guinea, one of the poorest countries of Africa, we will deliver hot meals to a different village every day with our mobile iftar vehicle with our disabled brothers around Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Complex and Rotema Dispanser. We will deliver zakat, and fitrah, which are the most precious remnants of Ramadan, to the real needy people and students in the oppressed geographies in the hope of reinforcing brotherhood and strengthening the awareness of the ummah.”


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