IDDEF Will Carry out Ramadan Activities in 56 Countries and 310 Regions

IDDEF aims to deliver the donations of benevolent individuals to those in need around the world, especially in Gaza, which has been subjected to genocide, with the slogan "Spread Kindness” making the faces of oppressed and victimized individuals smile.

Starting the 2024 Ramadan activities with the slogan "Spread Kindness” IDDEF will deliver the donations of benevolent individuals to real needy individuals in 56 countries and 310 regions. Donations such as zakat, fitrana, fidya, food packages, iftar, and other aids will be delivered to poor individuals in Türkiye, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the Balkans, crisis-stricken countries experiencing drought, famine, and civil war, students receiving free education in madrasahs and their poor families. IDDEF will deliver the aid packages prepared for needy individuals to their homes with its teams in Türkiye and local agents around the world.

In a statement made by IDDEF, it was said, "We stand by our brothers and sisters in need during the month of Ramadan, which is a month of solidarity and cooperation. We deliver your entrusted zakat, fitrana, fidya, iftar, food aid, and donations to real needy families, students, and orphans. We deliver your donations to poor families around the world, especially our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are under bombardment in Gaza and facing genocide in front of the world's eyes. We conduct activities in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, where humanity struggles with civil wars and difficulties, and in Africa, where poverty and deprivation prevail. We provide iftar and suhoor meals to families affected by the disaster in the earthquake-stricken region on February 6 with our mobile kitchen and deliver food aid to their homes."

İDDEF, 56 Ülke 310 Bölgede Ramazan Çalışmaları Yapacak (6)

Emphasizing the importance of water and education, the statement further stated, "We provide Eid clothing to students studying in madrasahs in dozens of countries around the world and to needy children. By intensifying our water projects during Ramadan, we provide hope to humanity on the days we once again experience the importance of water, for our brothers and sisters in Africa and South Asia who suffer from drought and have to drink dirty water. During the Qur’anic month of Ramadan, we deliver the Qur’ans you gift to the farthest corners of the Ummah. This Ramadan, you can make the faces of real needy individuals around the world smile and touch hearts with your goodness. Because goodness is beautiful with you, meaningful with you, and reaches those in need with you."

İDDEF, 56 Ülke 310 Bölgede Ramazan Çalışmaları Yapacak (1)

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İDDEF, 56 Ülke 310 Bölgede Ramazan Çalışmaları Yapacak (2)