IDDEF Sets Up Iftar Tables in Afghanistan

IDDEF Sets Up Iftar Tables in Afghanistan
IDDEF, with the participation of students and needy individuals, organized iftar for 1300 people in the city of Bagram, located north of Kabul, and for 1000 people in the Girishk region.

While conducting its 2024 Ramadan activities IDDEF delivers donations from benefactors to real beneficiaries in 310 regions across 56 countries. In this context, IDDEF also operates in Afghanistan, where it provided iftar meals at the Shamsul Ulum Madrasa in the Bagram region north of the capital Kabul. Approximately 1300 people broke their fast at the table, where Afghan rice, meat dishes, apples, bananas, and water were served.

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In the courtyard of the madrasa, where the spirit of unity, solidarity, and blessings of Ramadan are felt throughout the day, IDDEF expressed gratitude to its supporters and benefactors, offering prayers.

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The iftar dinner at the Shamsul Ulum Madrasa, hosted by Sheikh Sirajuddin Hakkani, the spiritual leader of Afghanistan's largest Naqshbandi Sufi order, brought together the residents of the region in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Experiencing Ramadan blessings in the Girishk Region

IDDEF, striving to fulfill its duties with the feelings of sharing and solidarity during the month of Ramadan, continues to provide food aid and set up iftar tables in various regions of Afghanistan with the support of benefactors. IDDEF recently organized an iftar for 1000 people at the Shahid Muzammil Complex in the Girishk region, located approximately 11 hours away from the capital Kabul. At the table, where students and locals participated, Uzbek rice, meat dishes, French fries, oranges, apples, dates, bread, and water were served.

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During the iftar held in the courtyard of the madrasa in the village of Muhammed Davud Muzammil, the governor of Balkh province, who was martyred on March 9, 2023, prayers were offered for the unity and solidarity of the Ummah of Muhammad and for the martyr Muhammed Davud Muzammil.

Last year, IDDEF constructed a 6-class additional madrasa building and ablution facilities and toilets that could be used comfortably by nearly 800 students at the Shahid Muzammil Complex.

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IDDEF, which also opened a well and built a large water tank, will paint all the buildings inside and out of the complex after Ramadan. Additionally, it was shared that Martyr Muhammed Davud Muzammil made significant contributions to the construction of the madrasa within the complex and even donated the money sent to him by the Afghan government to build a house for himself to the madrasa. IDDEF, preserving the memory and legacy of the martyr Muhammed Davud Muzammil, continues its education and humanitarian aid efforts in both the complex and the region with the support of benefactors.

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