IDDEF Sends Aid to Gaza Including Food Packages, Medicine, and Medical Supplies

IDDEF Sends Aid to Gaza Including Food Packages, Medicine, and Medical Supplies
While working without interruption to alleviate the impact of the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, IDDEF continues to send urgent life essentials such as food packages, medicine, and medical supplies from its warehouse in Egypt to the Rafah Border Gate.

IDDEF has been extending its hand to the Palestinians affected by the continuous Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7, with the support of generous donors. IDDEF, active in Gaza since 2011, focusing on emergency aid, education, and development efforts, has mobilized extensively in the region to provide clean water, hot meals, and health services following Israel's recent severe attacks. IDDEF has also established an Emergency Aid Base in Egypt to deliver the food aid to civilians in Gaza and medicine and medical supplies to hospitals. So far, they have sent 10 aid convoys to Gaza.

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In a statement, IDDEF mentioned, "Our teams in Gaza have been carrying out emergency humanitarian aid operations from our warehouse since the first day. Every day, our ambulances strive to save lives, providing hot meals for 9,000 people and distributing 50,000 loaves of bread to babies, children, women, and the elderly taking shelter in schools and hospitals. IDDEF continues its activities uninterruptedly to put an end to this oppression, providing vital needs such as clean water in our water treatment facility in Gaza. We express our gratitude to the generous donors standing with the people of Gaza."

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Donors can support the affected families in Gaza through IDDEF's website "" via FAST/EFT/transfer, by visiting its branches in various cities and towns in Turkey, or by obtaining detailed information through the call center at 0212 6210065. 

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