IDDEF Provides Food Aid to Families in Afghanistan

IDDEF provided food assistance to 200 needy families in the Wardak province of Afghanistan.

IDDEF launched its 2024 Ramadan campaign delivering the donations of philanthropists to real beneficiaries in 310 regions across 56 countries. As part of these efforts, IDDEF conducted operations in Afghanistan, delivering aid packages containing essential items such as flour, beans, rice, oil, sugar, tea, salt, matches, and dishwashing detergent to 200 needy families in the Nirkh district of Wardak province.

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In a statement issued by IDDEF, it was mentioned that they are delivering the support of philanthropists to ensure that our Afghan brothers and sisters, whom we stand by with our education, humanitarian aid, and permanent project efforts, spend Ramadan comfortably. As part of these efforts, aid packages prepared by identifying the needs materials in advance, including permanent structures such as mosques, madrasas, and schools, were delivered to 200 families in the province of Wardak, Afghanistan. In the region where severe winter conditions prevail, families will be able to easily meet their food needs for both iftar and suhoor during the month of Ramadan. We are striving with all our might to support Afghanistan's people in overcoming great challenges and to contribute to their beautiful and stable days ahead as they experience a rapid recovery in all areas.