IDDEF Lays the Foundation for a 600-Child Orphanage in Afghanistan

IDDEF Lays the Foundation for a 600-Child Orphanage in Afghanistan
IDDEF continues to build its permanent works one by one in Afghanistan, attempting to overcome the difficulties brought by years of occupation, instability, and conflict.

IDDEF supports Afghanistan's independence and development process throughout the country with its humanitarian aid and permanent works. IDDEF recently laid the foundation for another orphanage in Afghanistan, adding to its list of permanent projects aimed at erasing the marks of half a century of occupation and destruction. IDDEF Board Members from Turkey and benefactors attended the groundbreaking ceremony, participating in a series of visits and meetings.

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The groundbreaking ceremony for the orphanage, which started construction in the Host province of Afghanistan, took place with prayers. In his speech at the event, Mehmet Turan, Chairman of the IDDEF Board, said, "After about 70 years of glorious resistance, Afghanistan has become a secure country where Islamic laws are fully enforced, people are happy, and they can go out freely and continue their lives. Over the past 3 years, wounds have continued to heal."

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"This country has also left behind hundreds of thousands of orphans. Tens of thousands have become martyrs for the liberation of this homeland. To say that these orphans of this ummah have not been forsaken, orphanages must be built in every part of the Islamic Emirate. Therefore, in the Islamic Emirate, where the dear commands and legal rulings of our beloved Allah (swt) are enforced, where we have our greatest support, we are building our fourth orphanage. Here, 600 orphans will be housed and educated. Of the 50 mosques planned along the roadsides, 9 have been completed and opened. Of the 50 village madrasas planned, 12 have started working. Following the recommendation of Afghanistan's Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, this work will not only contribute to the upbringing of orphans but also to the continuity of the Islamic state established. It will spread from Afghanistan to the nearest countries and serve as an example to the whole ummah," he added.

Following the groundbreaking ceremony, the IDDEF delegation held consultations with Afghanistan's Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani regarding IDDEF's services in Afghanistan and the general condition of Muslims. The IDDEF delegation also visited the Molla Umar and Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Mosques and the Seyyid-ul Mursalin Madrasa, built with the architecture of Kubbetu’s Sahra Mosque, at the top of the Vezir Akbar Han hill, the highest peak in Kabul.

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