IDDEF, in 2023, Stood by the Needy in 56 Countries

IDDEF, in 2023, Stood by the Needy in 56 Countries
IDDEF, in 2023, expanded its educational and humanitarian aid efforts around the world, reaching millions of oppressed, distressed, and needy people through its new projects.

IDDEF, operating in 310 regions across 56 countries including Turkey, provides educational services through complexes, mosques, small prayer rooms, and knowledge circles in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans. Additionally, it facilitates humanitarian and emergency aid efforts, easing the lives of those in need. Since 2009, under the slogan "Serving Humanity with Love Together," IDDEF has continued by constructing dozens of permanent structures and opening hundreds of water wells in 2023 alone, along with organizing food aid, emergency assistance, Ramadan, and Qurban campaigns.

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In a statement regarding İDDEF's activities in 2023, it was mentioned, "We have overcome the most severe, destructive, and challenging period of recent times, including the earthquake disaster we experienced as a country on February 6th, 2023, and the Gaza Strip war, where the largest genocide in history has been ongoing since October 7. Many people lost their lives due to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, forest fires, droughts, and wars and conflicts threatening civilians simply because they could not access enough food and clean water. Despite all disasters, we continue working with the support of our donors, teams, and volunteers at IDDEF. For 14 years, we have been providing education and humanitarian aid to every corner of the world with dedicated, reliable, and consistent efforts. Just like every year, in 2023, we tried to bring hope to 4.5 million people who could not access education and were in need of humanitarian need. We sincerely thank all our generous donors who meet the needs of our brothers and sisters."

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The statement highlighted that in 2023, aid was delivered to 353,000 oppressed and distressed individuals in conflict and disaster areas. IDDEF provided iftar and sahur meals for 850,000 people in 56 countries and 310 regions, distributed Eid clothing to 45,000 children, delivered zakat and fitrah to 850,320 people, and provided food packages to 100,000 families.

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Throughout the year, a total of 101,921 Qurban shares, including obligatory sacrifices, were delivered to 3,412,000 real needy people in 47 countries and 300 regions. IDDEF has opened 488 new water wells in 11 countries, connecting over 200,000 people with clean water. The total number of wells in Africa and Asia reached 4,793. By completing 44 new permanent structures such as madrasas, mosques, and complexes, IDDEF has implemented a total of 142 projects. Under the Afghanistan Herat Earthquake Housing Project, 50 houses were built, while 80 apartments were completed under the Syria Kemmune Brick Houses project, providing permanent solutions in humanitarian aid efforts. Additionally, 111 educational centers and 62 madrasas, with the leadership of 1,382 teachers, continue to educate 11,719 students.

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