IDDEF, Healing Gaza's Wounds in Ramadan

IDDEF, continues to stand by the oppressed Palestinians with food and emergency supplies during the month of Ramadan, just as it has been healing Gaza's wounds since the beginning.

IDDEF has been working tirelessly to meet the needs of Palestinian families struggling to survive in the face of the attacks by the Zionist Israel forces, which have been bombing civilian settlements from air and land since October 7, 2023, committing genocide.

With the support of donors, IDDEF, striving to fulfill its mission in Gaza, is addressing the needs of the Palestinians in the region where Israel, committing genocide, perpetrates crimes against humanity and war crimes. IDDEF does not leave oppressed and victimized families alone in all Gaza territories with its teams located in the northern Gaza Strip consisting of Jabalia, Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahya, in central Gaza comprising Deir al-Balah and Khan Yunis, and in the south in Rafah. IDDEF both prepares meals and delivers aid, not abandoning the oppressed and victimized families throughout Gaza. Carrying out its 2024 Ramadan activities under the slogan 'Ramadan for Gaza and all oppressed geographies', it distributes zakat, fitrah, aid packages, and other food items, while especially providing 50,000 loaves of bread produced daily in its bakeries and serving 10,000 hot meals daily in schools, hospitals, and tents where babies, children, women, and the elderly, considered safe zones, take refuge.

İDDEF, Ramazan'da da Gazze'nin Yaralarını Sarıyor (2)

Operating with its 3 ambulances in the Gaza Strip and providing clean water to 30,000 people daily by purifying 250,000 liters of water through water treatment plants built in previous years, IDDEF regularly sends food, winter clothing, flour, medicine, and medical supplies to Gaza by trucks from its Emergency Aid Logistics Center established in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. IDDEF teams within Gaza receive aid trucks entering through the Rafah Border Crossing and deliver the aid. IDDEF also continues its "Stand for Gaza" campaign on social media platforms to keep the oppression on the agenda, reach more help to the victimized people of Gaza, and make it known to the world. Everyone supporting Gaza shares their name, surname, and image through the website with the hashtag #StandforGaza on their social media accounts.

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Donors can also support the needy families in Gaza by visiting the website "", transferring funds to the relevant account numbers via FAST/EFT/wire transfer, visiting the representative offices in various provinces and districts of Turkey, or by sending an SMS with the message GAZZE to 7230 to donate 20 TL inside Turkey.

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İDDEF, Ramazan'da da Gazze'nin Yaralarını Sarıyor (4)

İDDEF, Ramazan'da da Gazze'nin Yaralarını Sarıyor (1)

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