IDDEF did not leave Syrians alone in Lebanon

IDDEF did not leave Syrians alone in Lebanon
IDDEF, with the support of its donors, extended its hand to the 200 Syrian families who are living in the tent camp in Lebanon.

IDDEF brought food aid as a humanitarian aid to all the Syrians war refugees who are struggling with a harsh winter in Lebanon’s tent camps. IDDEF, in this first stage of the project, delivered groceries boxes to 200 families in Al-muhajirin and al-Rahma camps.


The information provided by IDDEF was made as following: “We have started an urgent aid campaign for our Syrian brothers who are struggling to find food and shelter. People in Arsal city, Lebanon are having difficult times with the not-durable tents, Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis. We brought food storages and health kits to 200 families, in it there is vegetable oil, butter, rice, lentil, and chickpea. All of this was possible with the support of our donors."


IDDEF continued: “Due the Syrian war that started in 2011, people who sought refuge in Arsal, Lebanon, 60 thousand families are living in tents because Lebanon’s government not only destroyed their houses, but also prohibited them to build and construct them again. Arsal is a city with an altitude of 1,400 mts., that makes it to have a harsh winter. Due the snow, tents are collapsing, or dripping water from the ceiling. What is happening in there is a tragedy, 150 camps and 6,500 people living in tents. Economic crisis in Lebanon, and the Covid-19 pandemic, people are unable to find winter aid as food, blankets, bed, and wood fuel. In order to make feel our Syrian brothers that they are not alone, we are working on covering their needs with our team and the support of our donors."


For any support, you can reach us from our website or by donating directly online.



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IDDEF's team is working hard on bringing your support to the needy families.

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