IDDEF, Alongside Gaza Today, Just as It Has Been for Years!

IDDEF, Alongside Gaza Today, Just as It Has Been for Years!
Since 2011, İDDEF has been continuing its educational, humanitarian, and developmental efforts in Gaza, supporting the Palestinian people during their toughest times with the support of donors without interruption.

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İDDEF), since October 7, has been delivering aid to Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza who have been displaced due to Israel's continuous attacks and have taken refuge in places like schools and hospitals. İDDEF provides bread and hot meals from its teams and depot in Gaza, clean drinking water from its water treatment facility, and medical supplies and food from its logistics base in Egypt. İDDEF continues to support the Gaza population during difficult times, just as it has been doing for years.

Since the beginning of the attacks, İDDEF has been striving to heal the wounds of Palestinian distressed brothers and sisters through its depots and offices within Gaza. The water facility established in the Han Yunus region in 2021 continues to be a lifeline during wartime, producing 200,000 liters of clean water daily. Three ambulances donated to Gaza are actively used. Since the start of the conflict, İDDEF teams have been providing hot meals, cash assistance, ready-made food packages, fuel, and medical supplies to hospitals. İDDEF sends three trucks loaded with food from its depot in Egypt to Gaza every week.

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Donors can support distressed families in Gaza through the "" website, by transferring funds to the relevant account numbers via FAST/EFT/wire transfer, by visiting representatives in various cities and towns in Turkey, or by calling the hotline at 0212 6210065 for detailed information. Donors can also donate 20 TL by sending an SMS with the word "GAZZE" to 7230.

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