Contribute to The People of Afghanistan, Who Have Faced Destruction for Many Years

IDDEF continues its humanitarian aid, reconstruction, and education activities in Afghanistan, where the occupation period caused catastrophic damage. While these projects were ongoing, we began distributing emergency relief supplies to our Afghan brothers and sisters who had been affected by the flood disaster. With your support, we may heal the wounds of our Afghan brothers and sisters together.  


While the death toll from the flash flood in Afghanistan's Baghlan province rose to 300, the number of people injured surpassed 1,600. According to the official authorities, the flash floods destroyed thousands of houses. People are still trapped in thick mud and flood waters, and search and rescue operations are ongoing.

Along with year-round initiatives, IDDEF started an emergency aid drive for our flood-affected brothers and sisters. We provide emergency aid such as food, hot meals, blankets, and tents to our disaster-affected brothers and sisters in the country as part of the campaign, and we stay up to date on the latest disaster updates.

Donors who want to help our Afghan brothers and sisters in need can donate directly from this page. Alternatively, you can use the International Money Transfer option or EFT with the SWIFT code.


We pray for Allah's mercy on our brothers and sisters who died as a result of the flood, and we hope that the death toll does not rise further.

iddef-afganistan-acil-yardim-yemek-2Our teams provide ready-to-eat food packages to earthquake victims. (2023)

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Contribute to The People of Afghanistan, Who Have Faced Destruction for Many Years

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