Be the support of your Brother

IDDEF, from Africa to Asia, from the middle east to the Balkans, is working on lighten the difficulty of our brothers in many aspects by easing and solving some of their problems. We carry out projects of urgent aid in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Indonesia, Gaza, Myanmar, Somali and the Philippines.

Due the explosion that took place in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, we came to help our Lebanese brothers in order to meet their urgent needs through urgent aid. We, as IDDEF, we’ve started our urgent aid programs in order to help Lebanon after this tragedy where hundreds died, thousands were injured, houses were destroyed. We’re delivering hygiene kits and food stores to our Lebanese brothers in theses hard days. While we’re working in different ways to avoid food shortages and to meet the needs of our brothers due the damage given by the explosion, We, as IDDEF, we are bringing vital fundamental materials; also, we deliver hygiene kits against COVID-19.


Syria, where the war has continued for 10 years, we continue our activities in different categories like food, clothes and refuge to our brothers who have been materially and spiritually affected. Especially we heal our 2 million brothers living in Idlib who have escaped from the bombing.


Again we are bringing help to our brothers in Yemen who are struggling with civil war. In order to cover the needs of the people in this human crisis, we are delivering food, qurban, clothes and blankets to Yemen.


In the providence of Arakan, Myanmar, due to violence, massacre and the pressure of the government towards them, our muslim brothers seek refuge in the border of Bangladesh under refugee camps. We are supporting them while they smile because of your aid. For now, as urgent aid, we are delivering your help to our muslim brothers in Somalia who have abandoned their homelands because of shootings, thirst and famine. 


Because of the air, maritime and land Israeli blockade in Gaza, our brothers are living in poverty. Being 2 million people in Gaza, near of 1,3 million need help. 47% of the Palestinian families are struggling to find healthy and reliable food. Each day it passes water, food, poverty and unemployment increases. With your support our brothers find calm and a breath.


In Asia, as the first stage of help, we delivered food stores to our brothers who have lost their houses due the fire in the south of Jolo and Sulu, Philippines. Again, at this first stage we will build tents and drill a water well and meet their needs.


As urgent aid, we delivered food stores, medical kits and clean water to all our brothers who were affected due the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.


We were beside our brothers after the earthquake in Elazig. With the support of our donors, we helped 200 families which are staying in schools and tents because of the damage in their houses after the 6.8 earthquake (January 2020) in Sivrice, Elazig. With the coordination with the Ministry of interior disaster and emergency management presidency and Turkish red crescent (Turk kizilay), we delivered heating, sponge beds, food stores, sheets, hygiene packets and winter clothes.

With our slogan “Affection and service to humanity”, as we work on finding a permanent solution to the education problem through our madrasahs in the muslim world, we will continue to be with our oppressed brothers with our urgent aid and humanitarian help, always.