IDDEF is permanently and continually working to make every muslim have education, as our main objective, we are devoted in continuing this in 33 countries, and 61 madrasahs. You also can support by taking responsibility of one student needs. With this, you’ll also be the mean to the education of a scholar or hafiz.

Nowadays, because of the difficult economic and social issues, muslim community has been struggling on finding good quality Islamic education. Sometimes we witness this situation as, an orphan girl who abandoned the madrasah internal guerilla conflict in Africa, financial issues in Middle Asia, or as a boy who couldn’t achieve being a hafiz because of the closing of its madrasah due political issues.

We believe that, every muslim child must have the best opportunities to learn. The social, economic, and geographical conditions should not be an obstacle for education. IDDEF proposed itself to open the opportunities to anyone who asks for Islamic education, without discriminating against anyone. 

What is to take responsibility for a student?

It is to provide the support a student who is studying abroad to be a Islamic scholar or hafiz. It is taking the responsibility of meeting its need monthly.

In which countries we have madrasahs?

With the continuous increase in the number of our madrasahs in 33 countries, we count 61 madrasahs in: Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Kosovo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somali, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Chad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka. Our project is benefiting thousand of students and those who have the intention to earn knowledge in the countries that we’ve already mentioned above.

How can I take responsibility of a student’s needs?

  Anyone wishing to provide help to a student, can contact us directly through our website.

Is information about the student’s progress provided?

Information of the student’s progress is provided to our donors every 6 months via e-mail.

How can the monthly payment be made?

You can make your payment via internet through our website every month, every three months, annual or biannual payment.