Earthquake Victims in Herat Entered Warm Homes Before Winter with IDDEF

Earthquake Victims in Herat Entered Warm Homes Before Winter with IDDEF
IDDEF delivered 24 earthquake houses to families whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake in the Herat region of Afghanistan as part of the earthquake housing project.

IDDEF did not leave families who suffered loss of life and property in the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Herat province, Afghanistan, alone since the first day, and with the support of donors from Turkey, it built houses. IDDEF, within the Herat Earthquake Houses project, carried out intensive work in the region before the harsh winter started, by delivering 24 houses of 60 square meters to the affected families.

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 At the delivery ceremony held in the Herat Earthquake Houses region, Mawlawi Mubashir, Chairman of the Herat Earthquake Commission, thanked the donors in Turkey on behalf of the earthquake victims, emphasizing that the houses were very high-quality and functional. 

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Mubashir stated the following: "While hundreds of our brothers and sisters lost their lives in the earthquake, thousands were injured. Thousands of houses collapsed, and as winter approached, our families would have to live in tents. For this reason, today we are experiencing a very emotional day here. We are not just opening a few houses in the area; we are also opening the inauguration of a new village. The old name of this place was Isgalak; now you have built a new village. With an excellent job, the houses, kitchens, doors, windows, everything has become very beautiful. We are extremely satisfied with the work done. May Allah accept these houses made from you from His side. I express my thanks to our donor brothers and IDDEF and send my greetings. We are very grateful for helping earthquake victims."

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 24 houses of 60 square meters were made usable before the onset of winter. After winter passes, the remaining painting and external walls will be completed. When they are fully finished, the houses, in accordance with Afghan culture, will be completed with 400 square meter gardens and 2-meter walls.

IDDEF, which has been healing the wounds of those affected by the earthquake in Herat since October of last year, has distributed 400 tents, 600 blankets, and 16,400 hot meals and clean water during this challenging period.

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