Drop By Drop A Well Comes Along

Drop By Drop A Well Comes Along
IDDEF has been proceeding to bring water to humanity by solving dirty water and thirst problems with the support of donors. IDDEF is expanding its working areas with the water wells and other water solutions that have been put into operation.

While 850 million people worldwide do not have access to drinking water, 2 billion people are deprived of clean water.

Join a Water Well Fund

So far, IDDEF has drilled 4615 water wells with the support of its donors, providing clean water to more than 2.5 million people. IDDEF aims to reflect the country and type information of the water wells to the donors more quickly and transparently through the newly prepared module.

How Does the System Work?

IDDEF, which set out with the slogan 'Be a cloud on the earth, bring water', updated the water well category on the donation page on the website and mobile application. In this way, the category of water wells was transformed into a water fund shaped from the general to the specific. The water well donation page lists the type of well, the country where the well has drilled, the name has been given to the well, and the cost of drilling the well separately. Philanthropists can easily see in which country, what type of well is being drilled, the budget of the project, and the total amount of donations made. In this way, donors who encounter a completely transparent follow-up process can participate in the well fund of their choice.

It Is Easy to Get Involved in A Fund.

In the paragraph below, we explained how a donor was included in the well fund:

First of all, after entering the 'Login' page on the top menu on our website, click on the 'My Water Wells' button from the tab where your name is found to access the panel. If you have already participated in a water well fund, you will see the name of the well, the country and type of the well, and the status of the well fund. For example, in the image above, a donor is included in the fund N-1251 UMMET-I MUHAMMED 137 WATER WELL, the well is located in India and is of the hand digging type with a hand pump. As a result of the donations made, the funding status of the water well can be seen in terms of budget and percentage. If the donor wishes, he can click on the 'Donate' button and contribute to the water well again in addition to his previous donation. Therefore, the funding status of the water well can be monitored instantly. In addition, the donor can go to the water well donation page by clicking on the “New Water Well” button in the lower right corner and follow all funds in the same way.

The World Water Crisis is Growing Every Day

IDDEF is intensifying its work on the water crisis that concerns humanity in general, especially in geographies where there are problems in accessing clean water. In geographies where it is difficult to access clean and hygienic water, especially in Africa and Asia, the growing water crisis causes thousands of people to lose their lives. In these regions, local people, who cannot find the opportunity to drill water wells as a result of economic difficulties, are forced to use and drink water obtained by purifying water from puddles under primitive conditions. As IDDEF, we consider it our duty to work for the solution of this humanitarian problem and we stand by every geography that cannot access clean water.

Clean Water Restores Life

A clean water source is not only a cure for drought, but also a change in cleaning habits. In this way, local people, who have a cleaner and more organized daily life, can lay the foundations of a water-centered life around the well. African people, who have to travel a long way on foot every day to reach clean water, can easily meet their most basic needs with a water well.

Join a Fund to Make Access to Water Easier

Hundreds of thousands of children in Africa die every year from preventable diseases due to a lack of access to clean water. The number of people living on the waterway in this great continent is expressed in millions. Although Africa's groundwater resources are more than a hundred times greater than its surface water resources, drought is one of the biggest crises of the 21st century. You can be a partner in solving this crisis by joining a water well fund.

In memory of those who were murdered in Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand where a terror attack was conducted "New Zealand Martyrs' Mosque" water well was taken into service. The opening ceremony of the water well, which can be used by hundreds of people, was carried out with the prayers of the people of the region. - April 2019

One more water well was taken into service in the Philippines where 9 million people can not reach the water source safely. – June 2019

In Mali, where more than four thousand children under five die every year due to diseases related to polluted water, our new water well started to serve with prayers. – August 2019

A new one more water well has been put into service for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Nepal, a country in South Asia. – October 2019


Panglimaati Masjed has received a water well with 3 hand pumps and a wudu sink in Zamboanga, Philippines. After the ceremony, ablutions were performed and the salah was prayed in congregation, praying a dua for Türkiye. – March 2020

Somali su kuyusu - Nisan 2020 (1)
The hearts of our little brothers were relieved with the water well we opened in the East African country of Somalia. – April 2020

We came together with our brothers and sisters in need of clean water at the opening water well in Benin. Felt great joy in tiny hearts. – June 2020

A drop continues to inspire a thousand hopes. Our brothers and sisters had access to water with our water well that was put into service in Senegal. – August 2020

There was a festive mood at the opening of our water well in Rangpur, Bangladesh. In the village, which has survived the threat of health problems caused by polluted water, an average of 300 people will be able to benefit from the well per day. – November 2020

Our brothers and sisters freshened up by reaching their water well in Mali's thirsty rural areas that almost impossible to access water. After the opening ceremony, the local community was grateful for the blessing by taking ablution from the water well and doing salah. The children, on the other hand, had the rightful joy of being freed from carrying water for hours. -December 2020

banglades su kuyusu iddef 2021
The water well including 14 hand pumps, drilling, generator, and ablution sink has been put into service last days of 2020 in Bangladesh. Local people have gotten excited during the opening ceremony which is six hundred people average will benefit per day. – January 2021

Benin Su kuyusu - şubat 2021
The water well including drilling, depot, and five hand pumps has been put into service in the Benin rural area. The local community’s and our little children’s happiness was priceless at the opening ceremony which is an average 700 people will benefit per day. – February 2021

Mali Su kuyusu - Mart 2021 (2)
A water well has been put into service in the Segou region of Mali with vigorous attendance of the local community. The students were most pleased with the well, which was put into service next to the Qur'an Course in the town of Pelenguena. – March 2021

Your support has been a hope for our oppressed brothers and sisters who cannot access clean water in Gaza under siege. We opened the first water treatment plant, which started to serve thousands of people during Ramadan. – May 2021

Gana Su kuyusu - ağustos 2021 (1)
Our “Charity Fountains” project in Africa continues with the opening of our Ummah Muhammed Charity Fountains, which will serve an average of 2,000 people per day in the Sawaba village of the Kumasi region of Ghana. At the opening of our water well with the fountain next to the mosque of Sawaba village, the children made ablution and ran to prayer. – August 2021

Çad’daki Abeşe Türkleri Temiz Suya Kavuştu (2)
Together, we listened to the voice of our brothers and sisters in Abéché, Chad, where the biggest water crisis of the last years was experienced. We gave hope to thousands of our brothers with our fully equipped water well with electric pump, solar energy, and 16 fountains in the Turkish Garden District, which dates back to the Ottoman period. Abéché Turks, who had clean water, experienced great joy. – September 2021

Our water well, which will be used by 700 people daily in Bangladesh, has been put into service. After the opening ceremony, our brothers who took ablution expressed their happiness with prayers. – November 2021

The water well we have opened in Chad, which is struggling with drought, will provide the people of the region with a solution to the drought problem. Games were played and gifts were shared with the students accompanying the opening of the well built in the school garden. – February 2022

We came together with our brothers for the opening of our water well with 8 fountains, solar panels, and a depot in Pakistan. Our water well, which was opened next to the regional mosque in the countryside of Tharparkar province, was put into service with prayers. – July 2022

Another water well in Mali was put into service with prayers and wishes. 750 people will be able to benefit from the well drilled in the city of Ségou per day. – December 2022

Muslims who did not abandon their prayers and hopes attended the opening of the water well in Tanzania. 1500 people will be able to benefit from the well opened in the city of Kibaha every day. – May 2023

The reason for this happiness and enthusiasm in Ghana is a newly opened water well. We witnessed the happiness in the eyes of the people and the prayers in their hearts, thanks to your support. – July 2023

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