Drilling Machine Transfer


Drilling machine transfer to Niger. We are planning to take our drilling well drilling machine to Niger in order to provide a more sustainable solution in West Africa where we have opened intensive water wells as IDDEF.


We aim to complete the rest of this phase with the help of our donors and transfer the machine to Niger where we have our work. On the other hand, we want to increase our wells drilled in the process. We therefore plan to develop our next water well strategy on establishing new drilling operation centers in areas where we are working in West Africa.


Since the day we were established we continue our activities by considering the afterlife of people as İDDEF. In this sense, Islamic Education is our highest priority. However, in countries where we are involved in activities, people need to be able to meet their basic needs in order to have time for teaching Islam. So we are trying to help meet the basic needs by paying particular attention to sustainability in these countries. The water well is one of these. The wells opened by hand meet the average 5-year water requirement of the people of the region. It's up to us to undertake our efforts and repairs. However, for more sustainable projects, water wells drilled through drilling machines allow more yields in the long run. So again, we are aiming to transform the entire water well operations into a water well with drilling machines, with the principle of keeping the projects sustainable.


We will take our drilling machine to Niger. We will continue to develop our operations in West Africa by these teams and with our new machines we will add to our inventory afterwards, by raising qualified personnel to open drilling water wells in the center.


Our drilling machine will be ready for use as of March 2018. After this date, we aim to transfer to Niger as soon as possible.