Compressed Earth Block


Compressed Earth Block is to make certain soil and damp earth in a block that can be constructed by compressing with simple machines.


We will start in Kenya as pilot region for the project. We will build new medrese buildings with CEB technique instead of destroying our existing old madrasah buildings in Kenya. We are doing feasibility studies with our construction committee consisting of architect, engineer and madrasa responsible. We are working on realizing the project by negotiating with a construction company based in CEB technology or by buying machines.


Since the day we were established we continue our activities by considering the afterlife of people as İDDEF. In this sense, Islamic Education is our highest priority. However, our construction projects that we have made as educational contributions are sustainable like our other projects, with humanitarian principles, principles protecting humanity and environment. With this project we will realize that our students will be able to continue their education in a structure that is free from toxic substances, cheaper, environmentally friendly, breathable and suitable for human nature.


We aim to implement our project in the Malindi region of Kenya as pilot region. We plan to build new buildings with CEB technique instead of destroying the buildings we are currently continuing to train.


We have started the project for technical research and feasibility studies. For this we are constantly consulting with the group of architects, engineers and madrassas responsible. We plan to complete the studies and start the project in March 2018.