Biosand Filter


Biosand Filter to meet the need for clean water in South Asian regions. We intend to apply the Biosand Filter technique, which is the source of more effective clean water supply in South Asia, where we have opened water wells as IDDEF.


We started to run the project together with our organization in the Philippines, which we have been working with for a long time. Both the need and the organization of the region's locals played an important role in the selection of this region. With donations we have collected from our donors, we have received training from biosand filter manufacturing companies in the Philippines, and we also distribute and train them in areas where we need to be trained by our company-trained staff. We plan to carry out the project in the Philippines, India and Cambodia in the following stages, with our organizations, which are also made up of localities.


Since the day we were established we continue our activities by considering the afterlife of people as İDDEF. In this sense, Islamic Education is our highest priority. However, in countries where we are involved in activities, people need to be able to meet their basic needs in order to have time for teaching Islam. So we are trying to help meet the basic needs by paying particular attention to sustainability in these countries. The water well is one of these. But the water well is not always the most effective solution. Especially the regions where the rainy seasons are located are rich in water. However, there is a lack of clean water due to financial shortcomings. Due to the fact that they do not have effective water treatment methods and proper sewerage systems, the existing water resources can not be used due to pollution. Because of the priority we give to the most effective and sustainable methods as IDDEF, we aim to use Biosand filter technology which can raise the quality of drinking water to suitable areas in the appropriate regions