Our Works


We are providing Islamic education to those in need all around the world and meeting their essential needs through humanitarian reliefs. Our operations are based on the three pillars which are Tadris, Tebligh and Tasawwuf. To date we have carried out more than 1200 projects and served more than 460.000 people.

Continuing Education

Muslim communities which have no access to high quality education can not raise a generation of intellectual scholars that can guide and show our Ummah the right path. This is why we support and improve existing madrasahs and open new ones where it is needed. Madrasah graduates lead their communities, spread the knowledge, justice and peace by using their wisdom and skills.They will become part of solution and pioneers for a better future for their societies.

We provide basic Islamic information to wide range of people from all ages and social class these weekly public sessions held by our teachers at mosques. Our scholars are travelling deep into rural areas and organize weekly or monthly visits to those whom have no chance to access any form Islamic education.

Humanitarian & Islamic Relief

We witness several economical and political problems of Muslims at the areas we study. As a result of this, we also provide humanitarian help activities at immediate service issues, along with Islamic education which is our main field. Our priority on our aid and services are Muslims who are in need of immediate help, in general orphans, elders, women and children. Students studying at our Madrasah and Muslim people living in that area also rank in priority.