Africa finds life with a water well

Africa finds life with a water well
IDDEF by opening water wells and carrying on other projects makes people who are living in dry places and struggling with finding clean water to find repose, providing them hope. Even animals benefit from the water.

IDDEF, with the support of its donors, continues bringing clean water to places where there is no potable water and severe drought, like Africa and Asia, by drilling and adding new ones in other locations. Until today, IDDEF has drilled 3397 water wells, making more than 1.5 million people and animals reach clean water.   

In Africa, a lot of people are trying to earn a life through agriculture and cattle raising, However, many people are struggling with the lack of water, there are even animals that perish because of this. The IDDEF’s water wells are not only hope to people, they are also life for the animals, also they open the gates of agriculture. In Africa a water well is almost life.  

 IDDEF supervises every humanitarian and educational works made in every country where it is. This time, in Burkina Faso, IDDEF’s general director Mehmed Turan supervised the water well which some big cattle used for drinking water. He then made this explanation.

The Shaikh Mehmed Turan emphasized the multiple uses of a water well saying this: “We’re in Burkina Faso in order to make the annual supervision of the masjid’s and madrasah’s construction. We are right now beside the water well that we drilled in 2018 in the area or Pelle. We realized that this water well, all day long, not only gives benefit to people, but also to the animals which fulfill their need of water with it. We managed to create tube systems with the purpose of taking water from the depot to the madrasah and masjid. In addition, agricultural activities will be carried out in a couple of hectares ahead. From Pelle, I thank everyone who supports us through IDDEF, be these locals or foreigners. What a joy to those who are in this path, what a joy those who committed to it, What a joy those who are with these oppressed people with their heart.”


With the water wells that IDDEF drills, people and animals find life.

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