Offer your sacrifice through a trustful platform and please your needy brothers and sisters.

This Eid, spread blessings and gratitude by sharing your Qurban with IDDEF.

IDDEF, in 2024, will carry out the Qurban organization under the slogan “Share your Qurban” all around Africa, Asia, The Balkans, and the Middle East. All the Wajib organizations of this Eid al-Adha 2024, which will be carried out this June, have already been fully completed. IDDEF, which has carried out all the Qurban organizations of its donors for 13 years according to all the Islamic requirements, has started this year, thanks to your support.

How do we establish the necessary (Wajib) fees?

This year, IDDEF has established the fees as follows; sheep fee $110 and the share for big cattle $ 95. Being and independent institution, IDDEF, establishes all the fees according to the average fees of the countries where the delivering, slaughtering and purchase is carried out. IDDEF doesn’t get affected by changes in the currencies and the increase of prices. 

Big cattle share donation $ 95

Sheep donation $ 110

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How Will the Qurban organization will be carried out?

The Qurban rituals are carried our in five steps. The purchase, the representation, the slaughtering, the feedback via SMS and delivering.These are the steps that are followed in order to give the best service to our donors. After getting the proper representations of our donor, we look for high quality animals which are slaugthered according to the Islamic principles. All the meat is shared with thousands of needy people. Videos are recorded during the slaughtering and sent to the donor.

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How can I donate my Qurban?

You can make your donations through our website:

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udhiya/qurbani - sheep

Offer your sacrifice through a trustful platform and please your needy brothers and sisters.

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