Help Our Syrian Brothers And Sisters Who Migrated From Idlib To The Turkish Border Due To Bombing

While heartbreaking images emerge every day in Syria, which has experienced one of the greatest human tragedies in history in the civil war, which is now in its 11th year, our Syrian brothers flee to the Turkish border, taking their lives and belongings from their homes. Families who had to migrate to the countryside of Idlib due to the attacks of the regime forces and Russia are struggling to survive in cold weather and flooded rain and mud areas in harsh winter conditions. Our brothers, who wake up to a more difficult day every morning, are fighting with cold and hunger.

Permanent House And Tent Are Build To Protect From The Cold

Continuing uninterrupted aid efforts in Northern Syria as IDDEF. On the other hand, we donated flour, bread, blankets, food parcels and baby food with the slogan "Keep A Warm Heart" within the scope of the "Syria Life Project" in order to alleviate the suffering of our Syrian brothers who had to flee to the countryside from Idlib to a little bit and built living tents and briquette houses for the sheltering needs of civilians in the area where they fled and settled. We do not leave the victims and the oppressed alone, with the support of donors, we delivers tents, fuel for the stove, food parcels, blankets, bed sponges and baby food aid to the region, which is one of the biggest needs at the moment.

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Our Brothers Meet Their Needs From Garbage

A heartbreaking human tragedy is taking place in the fields in the rural areas of Idlib. Families fighting for their lives and setting up makeshift tents meet their fuel and food needs from garbage and their water needs from rainwater. The Syrians, who do not even have stoves to dry their wet clothes, try to stay warm with the bushes and rags they burn outside. Mothers from Idlib are helpless in the face of their cold and hungry children. IDDEF works to be a balm for the wounds of our brothers with the donations of our donors. While the briquette houses built offer a warm home environment, the 500-litres water tank built right next to each house provides clean water to our brothers and sisters. Along with the briquette houses built as permanent residences, blankets, coats and sweaters, sponge mattresses, fuel, flour, food supplies and cleaning materials are delivered to our war victims.

Give Your Brother A Helping Hand

The oppressed families who migrated from Idlib due to the bombardment are waiting for your help to be protected from the cold winter conditions. By not leaving your brothers and sisters including these children shivering in the cold of winter alone, you can donate via this page, via EFT or Money Transfer to the relevant account numbers or by visiting to our branch offices.

Hundreds Thousands Of Civilians Migrated To The Turkish Border

The city of Idlib, in the northwest of the country, which was ruined during the 9th-year of civil war in Syria, was under intense bombardment when it came under the control of the regime forces. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing the attacks migrated to areas in the north close to the Turkish border. Regime forces targeting the Idlib De-escalation Zone and Russia have caused the migration of approximately 1.3 million civilians to the vicinity of the Turkish border since 2019. More than 1,600 innocent civilians lost their lives in the bombardments.

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Help Our Syrian Brothers And Sisters Who Migrated From Idlib To The Turkish Border Due To Bombing

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